People Are Stealing Beehives Because of Almond Trees

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Did you know that honeybees die after stinging you? They can’t retract their stinger, so it basically tears itself apart and disembowels itself after stinging you. Why the pleasant factoid? I know people with side hustles, like brewing craft beers or making their own home apiaries — people who breed their own bees to develop their own brands of honey

Sales Prices Aren’t Final – Negotiation Skills Are Important

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I have experienced two citywide blackouts in New York City. It puts people on edge, makes them afraid, and desperate. When they go to the local store, what happens? The tenets of conducting fair business go out of the window. Storekeepers make up prices as they go along, raising prices as much as they want, treating regular patrons, people they

Why One Day Gas Station Boycotts Won’t Influence Prices In Your Favor

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I’m from New York City, where people have paradoxical, near non-sensical relationships with cars. There are about 9 million inhabitants, and it seems like every person has two cars. The city has rush hour traffic jams that turn the streets into parking lots. Every car owner seems also to leave their car at home during working hours to take public

How Much Money Is Rich?

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When I was a kid in the 1980s, a common trope in movie and TV plots was the struggling, average person falling into riches. Like the 1983 comedy Trading Places, featuring Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd. A group of bored billionaires secretly conspire to make a poor street hustler and a wealthy banker, Murphy and Ackroyd respectively, switch lives and

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Shipping Container Homes Offer Financial Advantages to Struggling Homeowners

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Affordable housing remains a concern in virtually every community across the country. Individuals and families clearly need places to live, but shelling out enough cash to purchase a home, on top of purchasing groceries, paying for utilities, and all the other expenses associated with homeownership can cause all sorts of financial problems and stress. Even among renters, finding an affordable

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How to Ensure Business VAT Return is Processed

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Once your company has been VAT registered, you must file an accurate Business VAT return every quarter. Failure to file or late filing can attract fines. Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on almost all goods and services. In some countries such as the United States, it is referred to as goods and services tax (GST). In the United Kingdom

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