Small Business Saturday 2016 in the UK: Supporting Local Businesses

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Small businesses are one of the most important aspects of the overall economy in the UK. There are many people who are interested in starting their own business. Every year, there is a Small Business Saturday where people are encouraged to go out in to their local communities and help local companies succeed. Here are several reasons why this is

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Saving in your 20s

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...I'm a massive nerd. What's the most reliable way to identify an amateur at a poker table?  I'll give you a hint, it's not the guy making mistakes.  It's the one who gets loudly angry at him for making mistakes, when he loses in an unlikely fashion he just can't stand to keep his mouth shut and just

So you want to learn economics

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Savings on cover design passed on to the consumer no doubt. It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.   -Thomas Sowell The easiest way I've found to learn any subject in particular is simply by reading books. Reading lots of books.  If you want to learn something about economics the best place

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How to Make Money Without a Degree

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Here's another article saying that if you don't go to college you are missing out on $830,000 of income. Holy crap! With information like that, I better start saving now to send my future kids to super expensive colleges! As you know, I'm not a fan of the "send everyone to college" mentality that has prevailed over the last few

Should We Pay Teachers Like Babysitters?

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At some point in your life you may have come across a little post about how if we would just pay teachers as if they were babysitters, they would be some of the highest earning professionals in the country. I've heard many teachers use this analysis as evidence that they aren't paid well enough. For those who haven't read it,

The Pope and Economics

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I had a reader ask my opinion on the Pope and his latest remarks regarding the economy. I don't want to put words into anyone's mouth, so I'll present the question as it was written: Hi Kevin! I would love to get your take on the anti-capitalist remarks made by Pope Francis! Do you think you could do a post

Obamacare Makes Being Uninsured a Viable Insurance Plan

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Now that Obamacare is going into full effect in 2014, people need to make a decision: should I try to get health insurance (if the Obamacare website ever starts working) or should I just pay the fine for not having insurance? If you are young and healthy, it might make sense to just pay the fine. Let me clarify. I'm

The Constitution Wants Obama and Democrats to Negotiate

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Here's my hot sports (politics) opinion: Barack Obama is being absolutely ridiculous by refusing to negotiate with Republicans on the government shutdown (and soon the debt ceiling as well). As most of you know, I'm a libertarian and I strongly dislike the policies of almost every president and congressmen that has been elected in my lifetime. I don't pick sides

I’m Libertarian Because Unprovoked Violence is Wrong

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When you are a politically active person in the United States who doesn't identify with the Republican or Democrat party, those in one of the two main parties have a very hard time understanding you. People have called me everything from idealistic or impractical to stupid or crazy. They don't understand why I wouldn't be willing to align myself with

The Free Market Can Fix Healthcare

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You may have read in the news that the Obama administration is delaying implementation of portions of Obamacare because they are too complicated and are simply not ready to go into practice on the timelines originally passed in the law. While some portions are being delayed, other parts of the law are in full effect already. Now I'm just wondering;