Fall is an amazing season, so if you have a friend who was born in the fall, there are plenty of fun gifts and activities you can give them. Read on to see some of the awesome surprises you can get for your friend’s fall birthday to put a smile on their face while keeping your finances secure.

An At-Home Spa Basket

Everybody loves to be pampered, and with the current state of things around the world, options of getting pampered while in the comfort of your home are welcome all around. A great way to help your friend feel pampered is to get them an at-home spa basket. It could comprise of relaxing bath bombs, lotions, treatments, and candles with lovely scents. Candles, especially, are a big deal if you go by the fact that their retail sales in America alone are placed at about $3.14 billion each year. Shop around to build a spa basket that you know your friend will enjoy, and they will love this heartfelt gift.

A Movie Night Basket

Movie nights are a hit for people of all ages, so there’s a good chance that your friend will enjoy getting one from you. Put in some movie-style candy and popcorn holders, juice or soda, a throw blanket, and, of course, some amazing DVDs. When they settle down to watch the blockbuster, they will be happy to have you as a friend for sure!

An Embroidery Supplies Basket

Embroidered patches, while often used to market the identity of an association or business, also make for beautiful decor when used well. For this reason, you could get your friend an embroidery supplies basket which they could use to breathe new life into their home’s walls. Get the patches in gorgeous sizes and colors, and you will have given your friend a finance-friendly yet warm and unique gift that they’re not likely to get from anyone else.

A Girl’s Night In Basket

Another fun fall gift idea is a girl’s night in basket for your friend. Include some good movies, popcorn, crisps, pretzels, a bottle of wine, nail polish in their favorite color, toe separators, and even a custom mug. Since you know best what your friend likes, personalize the basket for them to make sure they will use each item in it. Wrap it up well and have it delivered to their home or office, as this makes a great statement. You could also deliver it yourself so you can see their delighted smile when they receive the basket first hand. The best thing about gifting them a basket is the fact that you can customize it to the point you like, all without straining your finances.

A Post-Workout Basket

The final gift idea is a post-workout basket. If your friend works out and you know that they enjoy a good gym session, make their post-workout more memorable and glamorous by adding things like new earbuds, headbands, padded running socks, a healthy food cookbook, a water bottle, and even some protein bars and protein powder packets. Anyone who works out knows that protein is important for improving one’s strength, repairing body tissue, helping build lean muscle, and also reducing the time one needs to recover in between workouts. Water is also important, as is wearing the right gear, so this gift basket may just be the best gift your friend gets.

Fall is a great season for warm times spent between friends and family, so make sure that your friend feels this warmth by getting them an amazing gift. Try one of the suggestions above, and you will help make their birthday a lot more memorable!

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