If you would like to enjoy the wonderfulness that is Thousandaire, please make sure that you understand the rules and your responsibility as a reader. In fact, the following is basically 1,000 words of me saying “I’m responsible for myself, and you’re responsible for you.” Yes, you actually have responsibilities. You’re officially a big person now.

Thousandaire Disclaimer

Commenters: I am responsible for what I write on my website. YOU are responsible for what YOU write on my website. If you do choose to comment on my website, understand that you alone are responsible for those comments. If you aren’t comfortable with taking responsibility for those comments, then keep them to yourself. Thanks. I also reserve the right to delete comments on my site for any reason.

Financial Decisions: My financial decisions are always my own, and yours are always your own. I might write about having a Roth IRA or investing in a stock. I’m not telling you to do the same. You might decide to do the same after reading my site, but it is not my responsibility if you lose money. Your money is your money and your decisions are your decisions.

Content Validity: At the time of writing, this blog is well over a year old. At the time you are reading this, it could be 85 years old or more. I might have written something 30 days ago or 84 years ago that is no longer true or valid. I’m usually always right at the time of posting, but once the article is more than 1 second old, things can change and I could end up wrong.

Content Accuracy: I link to sources and make sure my content is as accurate as possible. If I make a factual mistake, let me know and I will fix it. On the other hand, my opinions are frequently very… well… opinionated. My opinion is never wrong unless I change my mind. You are welcome to disagree with me, but I’m welcome to disagree with you.

External Links: Imagine if you left your house today for work, then returned to the exact same address and there was a completely different building there. Welcome to the internet. When I post a link, I am directing you to what I saw at that link. If the content on that link has changed since I posted it, not my fault. In fact, I’m never responsible for content on other people’s site, even if it is the content I wanted to link to. If you don’t want to read other people’s stuff, don’t click the links.

Photographs and Graphic Images: All images on Thousandaire with attribution are creative commons images. The image owner has been generous enough to share the image with everyone. Check out their webpage if you want to see more of their work. If there is not attribution, the image is my own. You are welcome to use it as long as you link back to me. Sharing is caring.

Files, Programs, and Downloadables: Files on my Downloads page will never harm your computer as long as you get them from my site. If there is ever another website claiming to have Thousandaire downloadables, some bad people might add something harmful and I’m not responsible for it. Do yourself a favor and stick with my Downloads page.

Libel: The intent of this blog is not to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. The intent of this blog is also to share correct information and share my opinion. I will not be held responsible for libel for any of my opinions, facts I report, or anything external to this website.

Responsibility: This blog is my own. It doesn’t represent the views of my employer, my church or my girlfriend. It doesn’t represent the views of my city, state or country. Nor does it represent the views of my race, socioeconomic status, good looking men who are 5’11” tall, or any other group. This blog represents me as an individual. Furthermore, the content of any guest post is the responsibility of that author.

Do No Harm: This blog exists for my creativity and your entertainment. I can’t make you rich, poor, famous, desolate, taller, shorter, smarter, dumber or anything else. Anything you choose to do after reading this website is your responsibility alone.

Language Issues: I speak and write in English. Most of my readers do too. If you are reading this site in a different language, I am not responsible for the translation and/or any unintended meaning of a bad translation. I could try to write a blog in another language, but I’d run out of things to say after “hello”.

Copyright: For the second time in this disclaimer, sharing is caring. If you want to use anything on my website, just give me credit (or the original author/photographer if it is not mine) by linking to that content and use it. As long as you give credit where credit is due, we’re cool.

International and Cultural Laws: I am governed by the laws of the United States of America (although sometimes I wish I wasn’t). If you are governed by laws of another country, you better make sure visiting this site doesn’t break any of those laws. If this site is illegal for you, then you have to deal with the legal ramifications, not me.

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