There are few things in life that take as much thought and planning as picking out an engagement ring. Tradition and media would have most believe it has got to be a diamond and big. But, for many people, it is far less about society’s tradition, than the more important one–which is what the ring represents.

One thing that the engagement ring should never do is put you into debt. There are many ways to save up for that special piece of jewelry. Even if you aren’t in a relationship but feel you want to one day be married, nothing can impress a woman more than showing the ability to think ahead and achieve goals.

·  Save up. Whether it is in a jar under your bed, or a special savings account just for that purpose, even if you only put aside the loose change in your pocket each day, it will add up.

·  Don’t set a goal to save. One flaw in savings is trying to set unrealistic goals only to fall short, become discouraged and give up all together. If you start saving before you are anywhere even near ready to buy an engagement ring, you may find you have more than enough for the ring and other related expenses when the time does arrive.

For those who are already with that special some with whom and the idea of marriage is becoming a likelihood, and there is not a lot in the budget for shopping, it means time to be creative. A large part of the expense is the band the gem sets on.

·  Consider your band color. There is little getting around golden tones, but silvery shades are diverse and far more economical. Metals such as sterling silver and surgical steel can make it more affordable when ring shopping.

·  Make it unique. Most women get a diamond on a gold band, but why not give her something as unique and special as she is? Find a ring with color enhanced diamonds in her favorite shades, such as amethyst and silver or aquamarine and gold.

·  Get it handmade. You can even find sites where people will hand make for a lot less than large jewelers. Artisan wares come not only as a bonus to supporting independent business people, it can guarantee a one-of-a-kind ring. Many couples who are short on savings opt for smaller, more economical choices.

·  Be spontaneous. Some people get engaged with bubblegum machine rings and later on down the line replace them with a more permanent piece. If the engagement happens to come in a heat of the moment, passion and surprise can make even a clover seem like the most beautiful thing she has ever worn.

Aside from the wedding band, the engagement ring is something she will want to wear the rest of her life. It should be something that she will enjoy wearing. It should make her smile and be an expression of how much you know and love her. In the end, it is not what you wear, but why you wear it.

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