A bachelor pad is a great space in which a man can create his own piece of heaven cut off from the rest of the house. If you have a basement that’s lying idle and forgotten, follow the tips below to turn it into a bachelor pad on a budget.

Deep Clean the Space

A clean space is the best backdrop for any renovations or home projects you are planning to do. Spare a few hours, or even days, depending on the state of your basement, to clean it up. Dispose of items you don’t use anymore by selling them or donating them, and then clean the walls and floors. If you have a carpet installed, note that it can hold four times its weight in dirt, and possibly even more. This should inspire you to clean as thoroughly as you can so you can set the stage for an amazing makeover.

Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

As much as deep, masculine colors may spring to mind, painting your basement a dark color may make it seem small and confined. Tastes change over time as well, so you may enjoy it for a while but get sick of it and start the process of repainting. Avoid this by choosing a neutral color that will look modern and elegant, like a shade of white or grey. It will also be easier to decorate the room when it’s in a neutral color because you won’t have to stick to a constrictive color scheme.

Add Low-Cost Window and Wall Decorations

To add some character to your walls and windows, find some low-cost decorations for them. You could shop at thrift stores, garage sales, or even online; just don’t go overboard and buy a large stock of items that you’ll have a hard time organizing. Less is more when it comes to a bachelor pad, and your outcome and finances, in the end, will thank you for it. Keep this in mind as you buy decorations so you do it right. One of the most durable and low-maintenance window treatment options is aluminum blinds, which are available for all sizes of windows. If you’re looking for an inexpensive window treatment, give these some thought.

Thrift Cozy Furniture

You will need a place to kick back to catch your favorite game or hang out with your friends, so find some cozy furniture. For the sake of your finances, look for furniture in thrift shops because brand new furniture may be an expense that you would rather avoid. Some pieces are well-used and don’t have obvious wear and tear, and these are the ones you want to find. To make sure you get the best, take your time for this step, shopping for as long as it takes to find the perfect pieces.

Set Up Your Sitting Space

Find the ideal spot to sit, depending on your intentions. Whether you want to work on a hobby, simply lounge, or even play an instrument, your main activity will dictate the best sitting space. Think about this so you place your furniture in a conducive layout that won’t have you tripping over things trying to move through the basement.

Build a Corner Bar

Finally, a bachelor pad would not be complete without a corner bar. It will take up a small space and provide instant refreshments, a plus for when you have guests over. In 2018, 32.52% of individuals between 18 and 29 years stated that, in the last three months, they drank some scotch, whiskey, or bourbon. Stock up on these so you have something to share with your friends on hand.

To make a good investment that won’t strain your finances, follow the six tips above and you will soon be the owner of an enviable bachelor pad. Don’t try to get expensive items all at once, like TVs and game consoles; plan out your purchases and build a great space over time!

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