It is an open secret that the most obvious way to finance a startup are often the entrepreneur’s personal savings. Almost anyone would concur that this might be ideal to take off the ground running, but few can advise on the percentage that should be used. 

Here are two methods that might be helpful before starting the new adventure. 

  1. A $5,000 Deposit in the Bank 

This might be stating the obvious, but having $5,000 in the bank could be a real lifesaver. There is a likely chance that you might need some cash during your initial years when the doors start to open. This fund could easily resolve any monetary issues at hand. Otherwise, your business could run the risk of shutting down before it even began. 

But there is still a better option than this one and it is is actually more rewarding than the above-mentioned one.

  1. Iban Wallet – Passive Investment Portal 

It is an investment portal that guarantees minimum risk and offers maximum returns. Actually, it is a fantastic alternative to conventional banking and typified savings accounts. Unlike all other platforms where an investor has to manage the investments on his own, Iban Wallet delivers projected fixed-rate interest on a daily basis and does not require day to day involvement.

If you currently own a business and wish to keep a reserve fund that generates profit on its own, but is also withdrawable, then iban Wallet is your answer. You can start off with as low as $1 and earn a projected 2.5% fixed interest rate on a daily basis. Opening an account is free of cost as is withdrawing your funds. There are other account types, which offer even higher interest rates. You can earn a projected interest rate from 3% up to 6%. However, the deposit fee increases with each account but so it does the return on investment. It is a transparent method for the newish business owners to park their cash and focus on business-related while their cash grows on a daily basis. It is a win-win situation, to say the least. You are completely protected by Safeguard Trust and Buyback Guarantee, which ensures that your funds are yours. 

Final Word

When you launch a business, how you manage it determines its success factor. Some businesses have the ability to convert smallish business loans in billion-dollar enterprises while others play it safe and avoid risk. 

On the other hand, rather than keeping the funds in a typical account, you can keep funds in Iban Wallet and watch your money grow. While a deposited amount in an account is good, the same amount which grows is even better. 

Let your money work for you. 

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