Knowing the ins and outs of a health insurance plan can help narrow down its best qualities. With the Covid-19 virus in full force, a Corona Kavach plan becomes a necessary partner to secure you savings against unplanned hospitalisation expenses. But what are you looking for as an individual? What about your family? These are only a few questions you should be asking before signing a contract.

1. The Real Price

The real price of a health insurance plan is not as simple as a single number. With COVID-19, the rules have changed, and there are some things that need to be accounted for. Going out of network may turn into an expensive out of pocket experience for contract holders. Make sure that your health insurance contract covers all major hospitals in your city.

2. Does It Auto-renew?

Auto renewal is a purely optional convenience feature. But an unexpected renewal can put your account in the negative, especially when it is done in multiple months increments. Before investing in an insurance plan, find out if autorenewal reminders are sent out before the payment is drafted. Even if it is a simple email, that small reminder will save you a lot of money. Contract holders also have the option of turning the feature off if it isn’t tied to any current sign-up incentives.

3. Are There Discounts?

Don’t leave money on the table by ignoring first-time sign-up deals. Health insurance providers have a range of offers to entice first time customers. Instead of waiting for deals to be offered, be proactive with your questions. The amount you can save with discounts adds up over time and will heavily influence which company works best for your situation. If referral discounts/bonuses are offered, look at the fine print. There may be a clause that states you lose the bonus if your referral doesn’t follow through with their end of the contract. That can turn into a nasty surprise on your bill at a much later date.

4. Is Your Current Doctor Included?

Your current doctor/nearest hospital may not accept the insurance you’re applying for. Before you sign on the dotted line, check the hospital network list online or by talking to your provider. An insurance plan is a long-term solution, so every decision has to have thought put into it. A Corona Kavach Insurance Plan representative should be helpful, friendly, and most of all knowledgeable.

5. Accessibility

Does the provider have an online presence? How long are you put on hold when calling their center? Do they accept more than one form of payment? Dealing with your provider should never feel like a struggle. When you spend too much time confirming to their features, then it takes time to find a new provider.

Wrap Up

There is no one size fits all package for health insurance. You have to customize it in a way that fits your needs. Sometimes that isn’t enough, so it is important to sign with a company that has flexible terms.

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