How many times have you had the feeling that something might not be right to plan at this moment although there was no visible evidence? All the trends were in your favor and the volatility was prominent, implying it was the perfect time to place an order. Still, this unexplainable doubt existed in mind and eventually you took the decision. This experience is known as following a ‘gut feeling’ and only experts have this wisdom. After years of trading, people begin to realize what is good for them without even analyzing the chart. Don’t think it comes with time as traders need to display dedication, persistence, and consistency in their performance. Many investors lose valuable deposits due only to second-guessing their decisions. Despite having arrived at their decision after vigorous analyses, they have this small confusion whether this will work out expectedly. 

Most go through this experience but fail to respond as this is peculiar. Don’t worry because this material has addressed this issue from the core. In this post, we will talk about its origin, how it clouds the judgments, and the consequences as well. Last but not least, some tips will be provided for enthusiasts to help them improve their career records. Do not take this resource for granted as it will take months, if not years, to display visible improvements.


Experience develops this quality which becomes a primary strategy for the experts. Many professionals analyze by simply taking a quick glimpse. They do not need to spend hours and can swiftly reach a decision. Most of the time, the decision derived is profitable and the career progresses forward. To have this level of predictability, a person should spend years diligently. Many novices underestimate and after a few months, start investing with a hunch. This is a wrong concept because the general perception has not been developed yet. When you spend a lot of time, effort, and practice every possible outcome, the enigma slowly unveils. 

The pattern seems to be clear and that is how professionals make money. For beginners, we discourage to assume the volatility. Do not get excited if initial success is purely random. This happens occasionally but does not last in the long run. You have to assess the CFD market like the pro UK trader. Only then you will be able to find the quality trades. Become an active trader with Saxo capital markets and try to develop your skills over the period of time. As you gain more knowledge, you will slowly learn to manage the risk factors like a true professional. 

How it affects the decision?

This is the most abnormal part because depending on individuals, it can either enhance or decline the performance. For a professional, this process saves time, shortens the steps involved and he places the order at the exact time. Timing is crucial as the transaction happens live. The majority do not have this luxury and they ended up losing the fund. After using conventional techniques to analyze the trends, a certain decision is made. Before or a moment after the order has been placed, confusion begins to form. Their self-doubts over whether their goals have been over-ambitious, whether the volatility will favor till the end and many anxieties begin to gather in the mind. In the first case, it provided courage but now traders are beginning to second-guess their analytical judgments. Gradually, this process affects the performance and investors end up losing capital.

How to turn this feeling into a favorable direction?

To achieve this, simply educate yourself on the concepts of currency trading. Do not let your imagination run wild but focus on future movements. Practice every day and after a few months, you can simply presume the overall direction by looking at the chart. This is not magic but a skillful expression of a trader. Do not be overconfident and keep learning.

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