First impressions are everything in real estate. Potential buyers may take some time to make up their minds, but you can be sure that they will fall in love with your home first from what they see when they see it from across the street. Here are several ideas to improve your landscaping and ultimately increase the value of your property before selling your home.

Maintain the Lawn

One of the first things prospective buyers will notice is your lawn, so you cannot afford to have dead spots, weeds, and overgrown grass. That gives the impression that your home is neglected, and you do not want that. In that regard, you want to weed and mow your lawn regularly as well as water it.

Set Up an Irrigation System

As you think about maintaining your lawn and yard, keep in mind that you need to keep it watered, and doing it manually can be cumbersome. You can install an automatic sprinkler system to take care of it. While you are at it, keep in mind that a soaker hose that is less than 100 feet long is ideal for green landscaping.

Consider Artificial Grass

Perhaps you live in an arid area where grass does not thrive. That should not be an excuse to have a raggedy-looking lawn. Artificial grass can instantly transform your home into an aesthetically appealing one. Installing artificial grass is also a cost-effective solution because it can last up to 20 years and will not require you to buy maintenance equipment. Moreover, synthetic grass conserves water and that lowers your water bills, making it a great selling point for your home as well.

Set Up a Garden

You would be surprised how much beauty a simple garden can bring to your outdoor space. All you will have to do is plant some brightly colored flowers and see how your outdoor space transforms aesthetically.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Consider creating an outdoor living space, especially if you are thinking of going large with your landscaping. Swimming pools, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens all make great ideas for outdoor living space. Installing a fire pit may also be beneficial in that it adds to the aesthetic of your home and encourages socializing. You may need a lot more money to finance such projects, but you can be sure that they will increase the value of your home significantly.

Get a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your exterior space can make it stand out, so you may want to consider installing fountains, waterfalls, or small ponds. You can utilize natural stone to make it look better and increase its value. In 2018, the value of the natural stone market worldwide stood at $35,120.1 million, and it is expected to rise to $48,068.4 million by 2026. Therefore, you should be able to find a contractor with the proper materials to create natural stone water features for your residential property. Be sure to the features you choose require minimal maintenance so that you don’t have to put in too much effort or time to keep them running.

Install Landscape Lighting

Did you know that you can add up to 14% to the resale value of your home just by landscaping it? Landscape lighting is gradually turning out to be the most desired feature when it comes to landscaping. This is rightfully so because, with good lighting, you get to illuminate your exterior space, accentuate it, and improve your home security. If you are looking to save money, go for solar and LED options because they are power-saving.

There is no doubt that landscaping can add to the value of your home, so if you are thinking of reselling yours, using any of the ideas here will be worth your while.

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