Eating healthy and staying fit can seem like difficult tasks when you don’t have a lot of money to invest in yourself. However, there are several ways you can spend less and be healthier at the same time. Here are some tips to get you started.

Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

Growing some of your own vegetables in the warmer months is a good way to save money on vegetables. Go to a garden center and pick out some vegetable plants you would like to grow. Pick a spot in the backyard to plant them or keep the plants on the deck or patio in pots. Learn how to care for the plants and what they need to grow well. Remove weeds often, as crops compete with 30,000 species of weeds. You should spray for nematodes and 10,000 species of plant-eating insects regularly.

Start small if you are a beginner. Choose a small area in the yard or a few potted plants on the deck or patio. The area should have plenty of sunlight, access to water, and you should weed regularly. Plant vegetables about 18 inches apart so you can walk between them. Choose plants that you like to eat and plant them in rich fertile soil. Talk with your garden center to learn about soil and sprays to keep out bugs.

Purchase From Local Markets

When you purchase from your local supermarket, look for seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are usually less expensive when they are in season. You do not have to buy organic if it’s too pricey. Fresh fruit and vegetables that are not organic are good for your health, too. When you buy meat, fish, and poultry, look for sales and specials. Buy the store brands for staple items, as they are less expensive. Frozen fish is often less expensive than fresh, so check the freezer when shopping.

Shop at local farm markets, as the produce is locally grown and food products are locally manufactured. Try not to buy junk food, and shop to prepare healthier meals at home. Your finances can be affected by what you buy, and preparing meals fresh instead of buying frozen food will save you money. Avoid buying too many baked goods, bread, frozen foods, soda, and snacks. Strive to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, and fish.

Create a Workout Space at Home That You’ll Actually Use

Save money on your gym or spa membership by creating an exercise space at home. Over 67% of people with gym memberships do not often go or never use them at all. You can use an empty room at home, the family room, or the finished basement. You can find free workout routines, exercises, pilates, or yoga routines online to follow along with. You can buy exercise equipment and set it up for workouts in the family room or finished basement. Choose a form of exercise you like so you will stick with it when setting up an exercise area. Working out at home will save you money compared to gym and spa fees.

Take Advantage of (Free!) Spaces In Nature to Exercise

Walk, bike, or run in your neighborhood for exercise or find a local park to visit. There are many parks with trails where you can walk, hike, bike, and engage in all types of exercise. In the warm weather, you can swim outdoors at a local state park, beach, or lake. Throughout the year, you can exercise outside, even in the colder weather. All states have local and state parks with free parking and activities from walking to playing tennis.

You can exercise in your own backyard in the warmer weather, too. Pick a space and do routine exercise, lift weights, ride an exercise bike, or do yoga. Enjoy the free spaces in nature so you can save your money to buy the healthy foods and snacks you need!

Plan Your Workouts In Advance

Plan your workout ahead and aim for high-intensity workouts that build muscle and burn fat. High-intensity interval (HIIT) workouts generally last about 30 minutes. Running, fast walking, climbing stairs, jumping rope, cross country skiing, lifting weights, and aerobics are forms of high-intensity exercise. Start slowly and work into high-intensity routines and check with your doctor if you suffer from a chronic illness. Planning your workout ahead can build your routine slowly and get your body used to a high-intensity workout.

Overall, find an exercise you like to do to keep you motivated and strive to eat a healthier diet at home by shopping wisely. With these tips and tricks, you’ll save money while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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