If you will see the Crypto market, the last few years weren’t that great. This has given hope to the investors and traders that 2020 will bring something new and something big.

2020 might see more traders than ever before. Crypto adoption will be at its peak in 2020. And 2020 might be the year as well when people will be able to understand the full potential of the Cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the impactful developments that you see in the Cryptocurrency trade market in 2020.


2020 might see new nodes of the blockchain network. 2020 might bring in scalability for the cryptocurrency trade. And if we really want the cryptocurrency market to grow. The very first step that needs to be done is to increase its market size.

2019 has already given signals (announcement of the launch of Libra, a cryptocurrency scheduled to launch in June 2020 by Facebook) that the market size of the Cryptocurrency will increase in 2020.


With the increase of the market size, privacy will be the most concerned area, where blockchain developers will emphasize. Just like the internet that launched the HTTP and soon after HTTPs was also launched. The same way all the Cryptocurrency might have their own privacy icon to show the people how safe transactions are. However, this symbol doesn’t matter because the transaction is transparent on the public ledger.


Consolidation is another eventful factor; well it is very important that you understand the bitcoin is going to be consolidated soon as it is going to take the place of the fiat currency. But you may have thought why consolidation is needed, well that is solely because you need to identify the requirement that everyone should follow everything equal and similar. 

Mature market structure

This also gives an indication that the market system in the global trading and business system will be acknowledged as a mature market if it agrees to start with bitcoin trading. So, it is important that all of us accept the bitcoin as a mode of payment and they become the universally accepted coins for everyone. This will give us fewer chances of being frauded or any misplace of the huge amount of money. There will be market-master.app which will be circulated among every citizen who has bitcoin and will go to the market. 

Trading to Utility

The best part about the cryptocurrency is that it can take the place of the original fiat currency which will make trading and business very easy. The total benefit of the bitcoins will be felt by the traders who will not have to any longer wait for payment or who will be able to trade even in the absence of the proper currency which is considered to be the correct one. 


It would be great to know that bitcoins are now accepted in universities as a university fee, It would be even more delightful to know that you can now pursue an education in the most branded universities of the world without paying as much as you think. In fact, it would be a pocket pinch of pocket money. Plus, there is not a matter of taxation because many of the government has not accepted it to be legal. 



We have tried to bring all the positive points about how bitcoin is going to help the market in global trade. Well, on the other hand, we can say that the pandemic hit earth really needs relief, and possibly that is possible if we lower the burden of money from the shoulders of the citizens. Hence it would take nothing to make a small step to just step into the world of cryptocurrency and accept it naturally.  

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