The following is a guest post on behalf of Shreya

Hello. Mr. Bond, is it? Mr. James Bond. We here at Double Oh Insurance are most glad that you have decided to contact us as a part of your effort to compare the market for coverage on your latest vehicle, the Jaguar XJ L. I see you have some questions as to the amount you were quoted. Very well, let’s go over the facts, shall we?

The Car Itself

James BondThe, as you put it, Bondmobile is a Jaguar XJ L. As you know, this is a very expensive vehicle. The average motorist will not putt about in a Jaguar XJ L with a 3.0L v6 diesel engine. You are looking at a luxury car here, Mr. Bond.

However, to further complicate matters, the so-called “Bondmobile” is not just an expensive luxury car. I see that you have had many customisations applied to the vehicle. Those ejector seats, guns and other gadgets you say are for work all add to the value of the car and, thus, to the insurance premium’s cost. Just what is it you said you did for a living again? Ah yes — civil servant is it?

Bond, James Bond

In addition to the value of the car, we must also look to you, Mr. Bond. It says here that you live in the SW3 region of Chelsea in London. You claim to be 40 years old and, as we have established, you are a civil servant. Your age, area of residence and employment are all in your favour as these are all signs of a good, safe driver. This is good, but your driving record? Well let’s just say it’s not so good.

Spying Ain’t Easy, But It Sure Is Fun

What’s so wrong with your driving record? Let’s start with the many Aston Martins you have wrecked over the years. Although you claim each and every one of these accidents are “work related,” we fail to see how a car that got destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade could possibly be related to the work of a civil servant. Perhaps you’re a super spy or something, but that is silly – isn’t it?

Furthermore, your driving record is questionable at best. There is a long list of traffic offenses attached to your record, Mr. Bond. Running traffic lights, excessively mind you, is only the tip of the iceberg. Other traffic offenses include driving at high and dangerous speeds and performing dangerous stunts while driving. Worse yet, you appear to have done all of these things while talking on your mobile phone. I’m afraid these things all add up, Mr. Bond.

In addition to being a danger to yourself, you apparently have quite the history of being dangerous to other drivers on the road as well as pedestrians. There are many accounts in your record of dangerously driving through heavily populated areas, all the while forcing drivers off of the road. Additionally, your antics have caused many injury claims to be filed against you by pedestrians as well as property damage claims resulting from your high-speed antics. Then there is the foreign use insurance you have requested. I’m afraid that, due to the frequency with which your employment seems to take you to strange and exotic locales, not the least of which is underwater, that will also lead to an increase in your insurance premium.

In Conclusion

Taking into account all of these factors you can expect to pay nearly 20 times the car insurance premium of what an average person would have. I realise that this might be disappointing to you, as you were hoping to find an inexpensive solution to your insurance needs. I would strongly suggest that you continue to shop around and compare insurance rates. You never know what deals might be available from other companies, and you might be able to find a premium amount that is hopefully less than what we have quoted you.

We wish you all the best in your hunt for inexpensive car insurance, Mr. Bond. If you are unable to
find a lower rate, please keep us at Double Oh Insurance in mind. Good day, sir.

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