How to Get Personal Finance Homework Writing Help

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If you study finance at college or university, you will be definitely asked to complete homework papers every day. Nearly every essay or term paper on finance is a nightmare for students. They are supposed to research specific topics related to the fields of business, management and accounting and organize deliberately planned homework assignments by the deadline. An average topic

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How to Create an Effective Financial Plan

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An effective financial plan is one that incorporates all aspects of financial life and that includes goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART). The 4 basic elements of an effective financial plan are situation analysis, goal setting, implementation and assessment. Each of these elements are important and interrelated and should be given proper attention. The key to

Doing Your Own Taxes

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I got about halfway through using H&R Block to do my taxes when I got stuck trying to enter the correct deduction in at one point.  I was trying to use the free edition of H&R Block because I couldn't see my way to paying for it and after about 20 minutes of frustratingly unclear googling I gave up and decided

Two most dangerous ways to save money

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Personal finance danger For leap day I thought I'd take a break from the stodgy sort of money saving advice I prefer to dispense and point out some of the dumber ideas that I've had to save a buck or two.  "Dangerous" might well be a bit of a misnomer here.  You won't actually be in physical danger,

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Forex Trading Strategies Used By Successful Traders

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Forex trading has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years due to the advent of Internet. There was a time when people who were interested in forex trading had to go to special places to start trading as information was not easily available to everyone. However, these days everyone has access to all the information at the click of

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Four Ways to Make Money You Haven’t Tried

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I don't know about you but every time I get the thought that I should be trying to make extra income I go to google (the best website) to solve my problem.  Inevitably suggestions always seem to be the same thing, "sell your stuff on craigslist/ebay/garage sale", "Tutor some folks for some extra cash", "Use bank sign-up bonuses".  Here are

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Robinhood Review

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The Robinhood app Robinhood has finally made its app available to Android users, and I can say I’m quite excited.  Robinhood is a brokerage.  If you open an account with them you can trade stocks online. There are two things that differentiate them from other discount brokers.  First, regular trades on the platform don't incur a commission.  Second,

Creating a Beautiful Garden on a Budget

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The process of revitalizing your garden can seem like a daunting and expensive one --after all, your garden center has a decoration and gadget available for just about everything imaginable. But there are plenty of great ways to spruce up your garden without emptying your wallet; it’s just a matter of knowing where to spend on new, quality items and

How to Maintain Good Credit

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This post is a contributed post from  See their Financial Self-Defense Kit for advice on how to build financial confidence as well as safeguard your finances. “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” — Benjamin Franklin Your credit history is your financial reputation. And just like your professional and personal

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YourWela Review

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Have you been looking for a place to organize all of your investing accounts or create and track your financial goals? is one site that can help you do just that, plus so much more. Getting Organized with YourWela is different compared to other financial tools websites and I have checked several of them. What makes them unique

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