The Boomerang Generation: Preparing your Finances for Long-Stay Adult Kids

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These days, parents aren’t worried about empty nest syndrome. Many ‘kids’ come back to live with their parents after college, while in their late twenties, and beyond. The Boomerang Generation needs to lean on mom and dad due to the wake of the recession. It has an emotional impact on the kids but financially affects parents. When the kids come

Money Monsters: How to Conquer Those Sneaky Budget Busters

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It can be a big shock to check your bank balance only to find out it is much lower than you expected, and the answer to your financial woes might be some unhealthy spending habits and daily expenses that slowly and stealthily drain away your hard-earned cash. Here is a look at some of those money monsters that bust your

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What is a Personal Line of Credit?

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Are you thinking about opening a personal line of credit? When it comes to borrowing money, you have many choices. You can go to a bank to get a traditional variable or fixed rate loan, go to payday lenders, or borrow from family and friends. What is a personal line of credit? This credit line offers an unsecured loan from

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5 Tips to Qualify for an Installment Loan

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  An installment loan is one of two major types of loan. You borrow a fixed amount from a creditor and you make a series of payments every month until the amount is paid off. These loans are the majority what people get for autos, boats, and home loans. Before you can get a loan, you need to ensure that

Investment Scams: 6 Red Flags to Look out For

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Have you noticed that lately when you shop for something on Amazon, that item has a habit of popping up on other websites? It's as if Amazon has worked out a way of saying, "Oh hi, did you forget to buy this? Well, you can now. Just click." In some instances, that might be helpful. It also is a clear

Life Insurance Without an Exam?

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Have you heard of No-Exam Life Insurance? Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about it or may not know how to get it. This might be why studies show that 38% of people who want life insurance put it off. Sadly, many delays getting life insurance until it’s too late. The question of whether no-exam life insurance is the right

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A New Homebuyer’s Guide to Conventional Loans

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In comparison to buying a home, other seemingly significant purchases in your life ― your computer, your mattress, and even your car ― are child’s play. Homes cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars ― more than you likely make in five years ― which means it is likely impossible for you to simply save up and buy a home

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Mailbag – When Do I Replace My Car

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You can email me at Hi Adam, I just got back from the mechanic and my car (bluebook ~$9,000) needs $3,000 worth of repairs to be made drivable again.  Part of it seems to be routine maintenance but the other part is just part failure.  I don't want to be regularly paying these kind of repair bills,

How to Stay On Top Of Your Family’s Finances

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When running a household budget there are many demands on the family purse; along with the regular outgoings are the unexpected bills that crop up all too frequently. Outfitting children who seem to outgrow their clothes and shoes every other month, the ever-increasing supermarket bill and fuelling the car can all make it seem that money vanishes as soon as

How Can I Look After My Loved Ones If I Die?

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Death is never easy. Your loved ones are tasked with the job of rebuilding their lives, while burdened with the financial stress that so often accompanies tragic loss. It is essential that you have a plan in place to provide for your family and others that are dependent on you in the event of your death. The best place to

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