It is always a good idea to refresh good interviewing tips when job hunting.

Here are five updated job hunting tips that you must always remember.

Arrive on Time

Set your alarm earlier. Get out of bed and drink a jolt of coffee. Set your alarm to blast loud music.

Do whatever you need to do to wake up early and get to your job interview on time.

And it doesn’t matter if your job interview is a virtual or in-person interview either – show up on time.

Showing up late shows the interviewer that timeliness is not a priority for you.

Additionally, you may place a burden on the interviewer. What if you show up late and find several other applicants who came early and patiently waited? Why should you be prioritized in front of people who came early and on time?

And why would you want to be the “late one” who got bumped back for an interview?

Learn Your Interviewer’s Name Beforehand

The little things make all the difference.

I had a job in college once. I got a new supervisor and didn’t bother to learn how to pronounce their name correctly. And one day, I spoke her name the wrong way, and she gave me an annoyed look.

People’s names are important to them. And they like to have them pronounced the right way.

Pronouncing your interviewer’s name the right way should not be a metric of worthiness for a job. But they will remember you and notice your attention to detail. And you want to avoid being interviewed by the wrong person as well.

Call ahead or email and learn your interviewer’s name.

Follow the Interviewer’s Lead

I hate chitchat and small talk as much as anyone. But put yourself in the interviewer’s place.

They have to interview several strangers in a short amount of time. They also have to decide which one of these strangers will work with them for the foreseeable future.

Some interviewers are coldly sterile and just go through the motions of the interview. And others would much rather prefer taking three to five minutes to get to know you.

They may ask you about the weather, your alma mater, your opinion on the latest Marvel movie, or anything to get a baseline reading. They may want some kind of emotional guideline to gauge you.

No, they will not learn everything about you in those few minutes. But a chitchat icebreaker conversation can calm nerves or inject a little humor into the situation.

If the interviewer wants to chitchat, go for it. Just always stay professional and informal.

Let the Interviewer Mention Pay

Only bring up salary if the interviewer fails to do so.

Be Humble

You may not get a job offer at the end of the interview.

They may take their time to assess all candidates and inform you of their decision later.

If you are not chosen, always send a polite “Thank You” email afterward.

Courtesy always pays off. And they may remember you if a new position pops up.

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