When starting a chauffeur business the glamour and hobnob with celebs is what attracts most amateur businessmen and chauffeurs. Picking important people up and dropping them at their destinations seem like an easy job. And indeed, when it comes to business, chauffeur business does seem like an easy and highly profitable way to earn money and get a slice of the celeb life.

What should make you think again?

What if your vehicle faces an accident with someone “important” on the backseat? What if that person decides to sue your company? You cannot simply wail and pine about the misfortune, but you must be prepared to fight back. There are a number of hurdles that stand in the way of a new business to become successful. Clouds of misfortune may loom over any and every successful business irrespective of current profit margin. One must be prepared to cross these hurdles and always end up on the right side of the profit margin.

Why insure your vehicle or your fleet?

Buying an insurance policy for your vehicle is not an option; in fact not having one is an illegal thing to do. However besides compulsion there are other reasons that should drive you to buy a chauffeur insurance policy. Did you know that insurance assets account for 12% of total global financial assets? This means that, insurance is seen in the light of a good investment by many successful businessmen in this world. Very practically speaking, if an insurance policy pays the damages to the third party as well as you, then it is indeed worth paying for.

Insurance and assurance


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Having an insurance means you are protected against third party damage. In case of a broken down car, you will be given a replacement car that will keep your business going. A chauffeur insurance is like the lifeline for a successful and profitable business. It will save you from paying the exuberant compensations or settlements, the expensive lawyers and other hefty expenses. A good insurance policy is much like an assurance of good business. Insurance is something that shields a budding business from the hard days.

Ensure good financial health of your business with the right policy

The type of vehicle you drive, the number of vehicles and the type of trade will determine the best suited policy for you. Private hire and public hire are the two main categories of insurance policies. Private hire includes all vehicles that ply on a pre-arranged or pre-booked basis. And the public hire deal with minicabs, regular cabs etc. you may own a single luxury car or a fleet of regular cars, you will find a policy that was tailor-made for you. If you are the owner of a fleet, it is better for you to insure all of them together instead of individually.

Annual payment policies, complete compensation options, replacement vehicles, there are hundreds of reasons beside compulsion which should lead you to opt for a chauffeur insurance policy. Having a policy makes sure that your business thrives even when faced with tricky challenges.

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