Get Rich With No Money

Just because you are not born with a silver spoon, it doesn’t mean you can’t get rich. You can become wealthy by using a few tips. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Create a positive mindset

The first tip, in my opinion, is to create a positive money mindset. Everyone has a money story, and it’s up to you to figure out what yours is and whether or not it’s pulling you back. Because millionaires think differently, it’s critical to adopt their mindset regarding money.

  1. Create a budget

Another tip to get rich and stay wealthy is budgeting. You have to spend less than you earn because each penny counts. Even millionaires will always have certain ‘wants’ beyond their financial means because money is not infinite. But they have to stick to their budget.

If you’re new to budgeting, account for all of your income and expenses while putting together your plan.

Here are a few examples of expenses you might wish to include in your budget. Home, car, television, cell phone, internet, food, charity, tax, clothing, health insurance, debt, etc.

  1. Create multiple sources of income

It is a surefire method of getting rich. Your primary job, side business, passive income, investments, interest on savings accounts, rental apartments, and other sources of income are all examples of income streams.

When you have multiple income streams, there won’t be any shortage of money even during a recession. If you lose your job due to market conditions, you can rely on other income streams to stay afloat.

  1. Pay off your debts

If you want to get rich, one of your first priorities should be to pay off your debt. For an average person, this most likely refers to any debt with a high-interest rate.

You can enroll in a debt settlement program or a debt management program to clear your outstanding balance.

Paying off your debt might reduce your stress levels and give you more money to spend on other things (such as retirement). Consider how much more money you’ll have to devote toward your goals if you’re no longer paying exorbitant interest fees.

  1. Set SMART goals

Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals if you want to have a lot of money in your bank account. Those who set goals have a significantly better chance of succeeding than those who don’t. As a result, if you want to understand how to become wealthy, you should begin by setting goals for yourself.

However, even SMART goals might seem daunting, so to truly achieve your financial dreams and learn how to become wealthy, you’ll need to:

  • Make a list of your goals.
  • Make a strategy for reaching your life objectives.
  • Break down each aim into smaller objectives.
  • Keep track of your progress toward your goals and make adjustments.
  • Make strategies to motivate yourself and stay on track.
  • Consider your goal as a friendly challenge.


Saving money is an integral part of building wealth. To save, you don’t need to make a lot of money. All you have to do is embrace a frugal lifestyle and live below your means.

Last but not least, no matter how little money you make, you should always pay yourself first. Set aside money in a high-yield savings account to grow your savings.


Lyle Solomon has extensive legal experience as well as in-depth knowledge and experience in consumer finance and writing. He has been a member of the California State Bar since 2003. He graduated from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, in 1998, and currently works for the Oak View Law Group in California as a principal attorney.

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