how to pay off your student loans Getting stuck in debt sucks. That’s obvious, but what isn’t obvious is how easy it is to get out of that situation. Setting yourself up for financial success out of school is a lesson that is invaluable but not often taught to us from a young age or while we’re in school. I want to help you with that. Hopefully the information here will be of use for you as you make your way to a debt free life.

Work a Side Hustle

Developing a skill or finding a job you can do as a side hustle can go a long way for helping you get your student loan debts down to zero. Think about learning something like coding or graphic design to help you pay your bills. Even writing freelance can put some extra money towards your debt. You’ll spend more of your free time working but it’s better to put in the time now while you’re young so you can feel unburdened later in life. Besides, learning new skills is always a bonus that you can put on your resume to help find future jobs with your degree.

Alternate Solutions

There are options for repaying or refinancing a loan that will make your loan repayments more manageable. Refinancing is a way to break up your payments into more manageable amounts so your life won’t have to feel like it’s on hold until you pay your debts. This can be done online, through elfi, at a bank, or your school’s financial aid office. You shouldn’t feel like your finances have to be paid off right away, you have more freedom than you think.

Start Paying Your Loans Before Graduation

You don’t need to pay it off before you’re done, that would be a challenge, but you can start making payments before you’re done. Even just a few dollars a week is something and you can always adjust as needed. Think about your spending habits and reduce buying alcohol, eating out or useless purchases and put that money towards starting your loan repayments.

Keep Focused

The stress of paying your loans can cloud your thoughts. It’s important to not let that happen if you’re considering paying that off after you’re done school. Keep your goals of graduation in focus and do not let your loans stop you from achieving your best marks possible. Loan repayment can wait until you have ace’d your last final exams and can be confident that you have done a great job in school.


Whether you plan to start paying off your loans before you graduate or you begin paying them after you leave school, your options are open and you will be able to find a plan to get you to your goal of financial independence. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. These options; refinancing, financial assistance services, side hustles, and timely payments will be the difference between living how you want to compared to spending years getting there. It’s your choice, make sure it’s a good one!

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