If you are planning a move anytime soon, you probably already know that it is going to be pretty stressful for you as well as for your wallet. Obviously, the most hassle-free method of moving your stuff to a different location is to use the so called drawer-to-drawer service, which means that a moving company packs, moves and unpacks all of your belongings. However, this method is also the most expensive one.

If you are not ready to spend thousands on your move, there are a couple of tips which might help you save a few hundred bucks.

First and foremost, a cheap move is a well-planned move. The sooner you start getting ready, the happier you’ll be during the relocation. Make a list of all the things you possess and want to take to your new place. This way you make sure nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Moving is a great opportunity to reevaluate the things you possess. Moving less stuff is the most basic way to spend less money. If there are some things which you haven’t used for a year or so, then it’s probably time you said goodbye to them. There is really no point in moving the same unused items from one place to another. If you have time, you might organize a garage sale, if not, just donate the stuff which don’t need to charity.

Don’t waste money on boxes, when you can get them for free. Many cities have recycling centers, where they have hundreds of cardboard boxes. There are other places where you can get cardboard for free. The nearest shopping center may provide with boxes of good quality. Try asking in labs, hospitals and pharmacies, because medicines and chemicals are always shipped in sturdy double-wall boxes.

Don’t buy expensive packing materials, like bubble wrap, unless there is something too precious and fragile that you want to move. Clothes, towels and bed linen make for excellent packing supplies. Old newspapers and magazines might also come in handy. Browse through websites like craiglist.com, people who have just moved, might be willing to get rid of their packing materials on the cheap, or even for free.

And, finally, compare all moving companies in your area and find out who has the best rates. There might be companies offering free packing and unpacking.

Take your time to plan every stage of your move, get rid of the stuff that you haven’t used for ages and don’t waste money on packing supplies – that is your key to moving without making your wallet suffer.

Article has been provided by SFmoving.com company in San Francisco.

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