For those of us that have money to spare, and there are many, many people that do not and struggle day in, day out, there is no point having it sat in a bank account somewhere accumulating more interest for the bank than yourself. No point to that at all! If you have extra cash there are many great ways to make that money work for you and increase it so that you can become more comfortable. The below list are my favorite ways to make your money work for you.

Stocks and Shares

Investing in the stock market is certainly not a get rich quick scheme and when starting out it is likely that mistakes will be made, so some money may be lost. However, once you get over the initial struggles of coming to grips with the stock market and controlling your finances within this market the rewards of this form of investment will far outweigh allowing your funds to sit in a bank account to accumulate minute amounts of interest.

With this type of investing what you should be looking for are sustainable patterns of growth both in the share prices and dividend payments as these provide the best long term income streams that ensure you are staying ahead of the inflation curve. Well established businesses with steady business cycles, such as utility companies, are one of the best places to invest to make your money work for you on the stock market. It will be hard work, but the payoff is more than worth it. Fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur? Why not start your own company?

Special Savings

In the USA it is possible to avail of two different types of specialist saving types, known as Certificates of Deposit and Saving Bonds, and both types are similar to each other and are guaranteed to make you better money than a standard savings account. The Certificates of Deposit, or CD for short, is an account offered by many banks that allows you to deposit a set amount of funds for a specific timeframe and you are offering an interest rate on this. In general, the longer the timeframe you agree to leave the funds for the higher the interest applied to the deposit.

Savings bonds are issued by the US government and can be purchased from most banks or from the Treasury directly at their online website. Once purchased the savings bond is credited with interest each month and once it reaches its set maturity date, usually 20 or 30 years, you receive the full amount. You can cash savings bonds at any time, but you are likely to forego some of the interest on the bond. Both options offer better value than leaving your money in a normal savings account.


There are many items that you can spend your money on that will quickly depreciate in value, and do so quickly, but if you have the right eye for certain items then you could be onto making more cash from your savings with the right investments. Classic cars, antiques, art and property are all excellent for spending your hard earned savings on for the opportunity to increase your holdings. For me, it is property that is best with finding the right property in the right area at the right time and then selling it on shortly afterwards for a big profit one of lives great moments. It does take hard work also, but the reward is certainly worth the effort.


Are you feeling lucky? If you are a lucky person who likes to take a risk then it is certainly possible to make your money work for you in the gambling industry. Again, you need to do the hard graft with researching your opponents and the teams you are betting upon when playing poker and you are sports betting in order to increase your investments. However, for me if you do not mind risking some cash from a easy return there are set of online slot games available like the Mega Moolah Jackpot that can see a multimillion dollar return for the investment of less than a dollar! I, personally, am hooked on these games and while I’m still awaiting that life changing payout amount, I have cashed well on occasion. Play The Dark Knight and King Cashalot, amongst other games, for your chance to make your money work for you in the quickest and most fun way possible!

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