dauphin-island-1606262_640It’s time to move and you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about selling your house. The traditional way to sell your house is through an estate agent. But agents aren’t cheap. The average estate agent costs between 1.5% to 4% of the property’s value (not including VAT). That’s a tremendous amount to be paying to sell your home.

Rather than spend all that money, a lot of homeowners are now choosing to sell the house privately themselves. But selling a house is easier said than done. You could cut costs but it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to pull off successfully.

If you’ve decided to sell your house yourself, here’s what you need to know:

Remove your personality

Most professionals would never tell you this, but if you look at your house from the buyer’s perspective you realize your personal tastes are getting in the way of a great price. Take the time to remove all the unnecessary items and decorations you’ve thrown in over the years. Remove everything that doesn’t come with the house like photos, paintings, wall art and sculptures. Make the house look as barebones as possible, so that buyers who come in to see the place can imagine living there.

Declutter and Clean

Don’t underestimate the value of simplicity. Declutter the house before anyone steps foot to have a look around. A great time to repair and spring clean could be right before you place the property on the market. Try to make the house as clean and neat as possible. This reflects well on you and convinces the buyer you have maintained the place well and have nothing to hide.

Use the Internet

If you can work and make friends online, why not use it to sell your property as well? Reach out to people on your social networks and put up a video of your home so that potential buyers can see what the place looks like before they come over.

Add value

LED lights, solar panels, a smart security system and surveillance cameras are all investments that can help you add value for the buyer. If you already have these features, don’t forget to mention them while trying to sell. These small details would be much appreciated by any buyer.

Cut a Deal Quickly

Save time on the transaction. Most people spend months or even years trying to close the deal on their house. Wasting time on property viewings and paperwork could count towards the hidden opportunity costs you’ve not factored in. Instead, you can use a service like Quick Move Now property buyers and sell your property quickly and save yourself from the trouble. Sometimes it makes sense to simply sell the place quick and move onto your new life at your next home.

These are some of the tricks used by professionals to get properties sold faster and at better prices. If you plan ahead and make the effort, you won’t need to hire a property broker to sell your house.

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