For most people, purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting prospect. However, with a myriad of finance options available, which is the best option for you to choose? You could go with the tried and tested outright purchase finance option, which locks you into a deal for three years or more depending on the size of the loan. This is an option for those of you who like to own a vehicle outright at the end of the finance term. Servicing costs by main dealers are expensive. Often these costs are a prohibitive option for the average working person, but without the service record, what is the actual value of your car when you decide to sell?


It is time that you explore the option of leasing and taking advantage of the deals on offer. When leasing a vehicle, you will enjoy lower monthly payments while not worrying about the service schedule. Everything can be included in the deal.

Leasing a car allows you to change your car on a regular basis, maybe less than every three years if you wish. Leasing is affordable, and most leasing companies offer competitive leasing rates and provide a leasing solution for most budgets.

Leasing is not just for the thrifty. It provides the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the vehicle you thought was out of your reach.

If you were honest with yourself, would you like to be driving that coveted high-performance car that turns heads while driving through town?

Check out the cheap car lease deals on offer through leasing companies, so you can drive the car you have always wanted.

Is leasing the best option?

Leasing has been around for probably more years than you have been alive. It is not new, and it is a tried and tested option for driving the vehicle of your choice.

When leasing, you will agree your annual mileage with the leasing company. If you are an average driver, this is likely to be 12,000 miles per year. The leasing company will calculate a monthly payment based on a guaranteed future value of the vehicle at the end of your agreement, say two to three years. Once this is done, the guarantee is cast in stone, and you never need to consider it again.

The leasing company will finance the balance of the value of the car excluding the guaranteed future value, giving you a manageable monthly payment allowing you to drive the vehicle you desire regardless of if it is your daily drive or a second family car.

What you need to know about leasing a vehicle

Credit companies conduct a search of your credit history. If they do not find any adverse credit history, you will not have a problem with the approval. However, you have to make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

It looks like a very rosy future for vehicle leasing companies as more people find the benefits of not owning a used car and all of the associated costs connected with used vehicles.

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