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One of the most versatile actors of the 21st century is Oscar Isaac.

Oscar Isaac is the go-to actor for film producers who are looking for a leading man, hero, villain, everyman, sci-fi hero or villain, romantic lead, comedic lead, and every role in between.

Isaac has made a name for himself in Hollywood for being a charismatic, dynamic, versatile, and compelling actor who can evoke mesmerizing performances in any film. When Oscar Isaac is on screen, it is quite difficult to take your eyes off of him.

So, what do you think you know about Isaac’s personal life? And what is his net worth?

Well, the first thing to know about Oscar Isaac is that his last is not Isaacs.

Early Life

Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, on March 9, 1979. Isaac is fiercely protective of his private life, so it is no wonder that many of his fans may be unaware that Isaacs is a native Guatemalan.

Isaac’s mother is Guatemalan, and his father, a Cuban, was a pulmonologist. His sister grew up to become a scientist, and his brother became a journalist. So, it’s plain to see that talent is a natural factor in the Isaac bloodline.

His family moved to the United States when Isaac was still an infant. As a teenager, Isaac was a bit of a rebellious hell-raiser. He acted out at school, joined ska-punk bands, and began studying his love of acting.

By the 1990s, Isaac was studying acting at the Juilliard School in New York City and perfecting his craft on local stage plays. Isaac starred in minor roles in independent films until 2006 when he scored a starring role as Joseph in the biblical saga The Nativity Story.

At this point, Isaac had portrayed a few seedy, gritty, and violent characters. To combat being stereotyped and broaden his horizons as an actor, Isaac dropped his surname “Estrada” and adopted the stage name “Oscar Isaac” using his middle name.

Achieving Stardom

Even though he is only 43 years old, Isaac has starred in dozens of films.

In 2006, Isaac started gaining notoriety after starring in the film Balibo. He portrayed José Ramos-Horta, the East Timorese president, during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975.

Isaac spent the next few years starring in independent films, dramas, musicals, comedies, and TV.

He had a small role in the crime drama. It’s All About The Benjamins. And he portrayed Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara in the film Guerilla (2011)

Isaac starred in the crime drama A Most Violent Year in 2014. His star power really began to shine after starring in the acclaimed sci-fi drama Ex Machina, where he portrayed a reclusive, arrogant, but genius futurist who created his own A.I.

Isaac then became a global superstar by starring in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and by portraying the character Poe Dameron in the latest Star Wars sequels.

Listing Isaac’s filmography and TV appearances would be too lengthy – but it is probably a good bet that you know his name from his recent work as the superhero Moon Knight on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Personal Life

Isaac enjoys stardom as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter in his native Guatemala.

The actor became a naturalized American citizen in 2006.

Issac married Danish film director Elvira Lind in 2017. The couple has two children and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

According to publicly available data, Oscar Isaac has a financial worth anywhere between $12 million and $20 million.

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