There are always new ways to do things, but one thing a lot of us don’t do all that often is change currencies, so we may have fallen behind in how to do this most effectively.

If you’re travelling abroad, one of the easiest ways to take your currency with you is to buy a currency card from a travel company or bank before you go. They look a lot like a normal bank card, and work like one too when it comes to paying for things. They just come pre-loaded with whatever currency you need, which is great as it makes budgeting while away really simple.

However, if you have regular bills to pay in another country – be it for the upkeep of a property that you own or to pay suppliers to your business – the best way to do this is to hold an online currency exchange account. It takes all the hassle of moving money from one currency to another and will also mean that you get access to preferential rates that the high street banks and currency exchanges simply can’t compete with.

You can arrange a HiFX money transfer within seconds once you’ve set up an account – which only takes a few minutes. HiFX is a currency exchange broker that offers the facility for its customers to move between £50 and £300,000 in daily transactions, so there’s plenty of scope there for most individual and business use. As the company only operates online it has low overheads, and passes the savings it makes over to its customers through the best exchange rates and low transfer fees.

This kind of account is ideal for those people or businesses who have regular bills to pay in another currency, but it’s also great for one-off transfers. As it costs nothing to set up an account and there’s no obligation to ever actually use it until you need to, there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t have one of these set up and ready to go.

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