I Saved $3,000 Installing My Bamboo Floors

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Tag and I moved into our new house last December. Six months later we are about 100 square feet away from finishing the installation of about 1,400 square feet of bamboo floors. That's right; it has taken us over six months to install the floors in our house (and it's still not done). It also saved us about $3,000. According

How New Windows are Saving Me Money

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As the Texas summer is fast approaching, one of the things I'm worried about in my home is my electricity bill. First of all, I have a 23 year old AC unit that isn't nearly as efficient as newer models. Secondly, I have 23 year old aluminum frame windows that do very little to keep out the crazy Texas heat.

Renovation Tips to Increase Home Value

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The following is a guest post from Tali Wee of Zillow (which just happens to be an awesome website I used frequently when buying my house!) Home renovation and remolding projects can cost a fortune, so it’s imperative for homeowners to be fully prepared from the beginning of the process to get their anticipated results. Homeowners generally plan upgrades to