Edition Two of the Thousandaire Newsletter Out Today!

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There is no post today because I spent all of last night typing up the second edition of the Thousandaire Newsletter. If you didn't know about this newsletter, I send it out about once a month to give readers some extra commentary and information about giveaways. In the future, the newsletter is going to focus around my most recent music

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The Thousandaire Newsletter Officially Exists

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This morning I sent out my first edition of the Thousandaire Newsletter. My newsletter is full of unique content that is only available to those who are on the list. Plus, there are some cool benefits to being a subscriber, such as automatically being entered in my monthly giveaways for the rest of 2011. I'm giving away $225 this month,

Thousandaire Newsletter Coming Out On Monday

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Hey everyone! If you weren't aware, I'm giving away $225 and you only have one week left to sign up. All you have to do is sign up to receive my newsletter. I will be sending out the first newsletter on Monday morning, so make sure you get signed up before then so you receive the very first

Thousandaire is Giving Away 225 Bucks!

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A few weeks ago, I made my readers a promise. If you will tolerate a little bit of advertising, I will pay you back by giving away at least 50% of the profit I make on this site through the end of this year. I'm here to make good on my promise. I brought in just under $450 in net