How Much Debt Repels Daters?

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New Survey Shows Average Amounts That Turn Off Suitors Which is the worst first-date mistake – talking about an ex, eating food off your date’s plate, or mentioning that you are heavily in debt?

Saving Money Takes Motivation

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I've been writing about personal finance for over two years now. I've been running numbers, finding out the smartest ways to pay down debt. On multiple occasions I've identified places where I spend too much money (like on eating out). And in many instances I've recognized a problem and done nothing about it. Why worry about spending too much money

I’m Engaged!

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On Sunday October 7th I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I had been planning to ask her to marry me for a little while and the original plan was already in motion to take her to where we had our first kiss and do it there. Then the plans changed. This weekend was Tag's sister's birthday and we spent

How to Save Money on a Date

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Today's post goes out to all the single guys and couples out there. My single female readers are welcome to read along today, but while this post is ABOUT you, it is not FOR you. Dating is hard. There are two things that make dating difficult. First, you have to find something that's actually fun. You're not going to impress

It’s Best to Give And Receive At the Same Time

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They say it is better to give than to receive. What about when you can do both at the same time? That's what I did last weekend when I was in St. Louis taking care of my mom after her surgery. While I spent most of the weekend taking care of my mom, I did have some time to go

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Valentine’s Day is All About Presentation

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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so if you are a man and you have a girlfriend or wife, you should probably plan something. I know there are a lot of people who hate Valentine's Day. "It's just a stupid commercial holiday to get you to spend money." I have a different take on it. It's an opportunity to do

The Worst Way to Buy a Birthday Present

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I need to start today's post by wishing a very special Happy Birthday to Tag. She turns 24 today, which means she's a year older than she was, but still two years younger than me. Which means I have a hot younger woman for a girlfriend, which is awesome! In the past Tag and I have done things together for

Whatever Wednesday: Golddiggers and Stupid Committees

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Every now and then I need some inspiration for an article. I could write the 8,243,412nd article about "10 ways to reduce spending", but I know my readers don't want that. If they wanted bland, generic articles, they'd go to CNN or somewhere else equally lame. So instead of throwing my brain into overdrive and figuring out what my readers

Should I Get a Prenup? Yes!

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I've been talking to a lot of single/engaged people about prenuptial agreements, or prenups, and almost all of them think they don't need one. Here are the two main reasons people give: "I'll never get a divorce" "I don't have enough money to need a prenup" Are these people right? Should you get a prenup, or save the time and

You Gotta Get a Prenup! [Music Video]

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Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for. It's been six months since I last uploaded a video to my Youtube account, but it was worth the wait. My advice to all the young loverbirds out there who are thinking about getting married: You Gotta Get a Prenup! Download the MP3 here. (right click, save as or save