Whatever Wednesday: Golddiggers and Stupid Committees

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Every now and then I need some inspiration for an article. I could write the 8,243,412nd article about "10 ways to reduce spending", but I know my readers don't want that. If they wanted bland, generic articles, they'd go to CNN or somewhere else equally lame. So instead of throwing my brain into overdrive and figuring out what my readers

Should I Get a Prenup? Yes!

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I've been talking to a lot of single/engaged people about prenuptial agreements, or prenups, and almost all of them think they don't need one. Here are the two main reasons people give: "I'll never get a divorce" "I don't have enough money to need a prenup" Are these people right? Should you get a prenup, or save the time and

You Gotta Get a Prenup! [Music Video]

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Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for. It's been six months since I last uploaded a video to my Youtube account, but it was worth the wait. My advice to all the young loverbirds out there who are thinking about getting married: You Gotta Get a Prenup! Download the MP3 here. (right click, save as or save

How To Be Frugal and Still Land A Hot Babe

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Let's face it, trying to be frugal and impress a girl at the same time is about as easy as getting Democrats and Republicans to agree on a budget; it's been done before, but it's not easy. Yesterday Paula from Afford Anything asked me a great question: And on the subject of your girlfriend Tag: does she share your passion