Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so if you are a man and you have a girlfriend or wife, you should probably plan something.

I know there are a lot of people who hate Valentine’s Day. “It’s just a stupid commercial holiday to get you to spend money.” I have a different take on it.

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It’s an opportunity to do something special for the person you love. Sure, you have that opportunity every single day, but how often do we actually do something special for the person we love outside of holidays and anniversaries? I personally don’t do it enough, so I appreciate Valentine’s Day for reminding me to be a good boyfriend.

Now I just have to figure out what to do.

Presentation is Everything

Valentine’s Day, more than any holiday or occasion, is all about presentation. Think about it. Would your girl rather have a dozen roses in a vase and a bottle of bubble-bath, or would she rather come home to rose petals (maybe 3 or 4 roses worth) leading her to the bathroom where you’ve drawn a hot bubble bath? Even though she’s technically getting less stuff, I think most women would prefer the latter because of the presentation.

How about strawberries? Strawberries are just groceries, but on Valentine’s Day when you change up the presentation and cover them in chocolate, they are a wonderful gift. You can get bonus points if you use a double boiler to melt your own chocolate at home and make them yourself.

Let’s say you do the old “go out to dinner” routine on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now let’s pretend you go to Applebee’s or some other non-romantic restaurant. All you have to do is get all dressed up like you’re going to a fancy dinner, and it will change the entire dynamic of the evening. Two people in casual clothes at Applebee’s is dinner. Two people dressed up at Applebee’s is a date. Get it?

On Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. No matter how much you spend on a gift, show her that you’re thinking about her with how you present it and she’ll probably be happy. If she’s not, then my recommendation would be to find a different girl.

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