Here’s what I’ve realized about me and making music videos. If I don’t publicly commit to all of you wonderful readers that I’m going to do a video, it doesn’t get done. I’ve had one idea ALMOST done for about three weeks now, and I’m not making any progress.

So I’m making a commitment!

I will have my next song written and completely recorded (audio only) by the end of this weekend. That’s a guarantee. Here are a few reasons why I can make this happen:

  1. It’s already about 75% done, so I just have to finish a few more lines (although these have proven to be the hardest ones to write)
  2. Tag will be out of town all weekend at a bachelorette party, so I have a completely open weekend.
  3. I’m promising to get it done.

Once I have the song completely recorded, I will start work on the video. That might be done this weekend, or it might take a little longer. But I will have a brand new video uploaded on or before February 20th.


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Now here’s where you come in. I need some help writing the last 25%, so I’m going to tell you the topic of the song: Annoying Office Workers

If you work in an office, you probably have some really annoying people sitting around you. Maybe they smell. Maybe they are loud. Maybe they are touchy-feeley. In my 3+ years of office work, I’ve encountered some ridiculous stuff (the most outrageous of which is in the song already).

To help me write the last few lines, I need a few more ideas about what makes a coworker terrible. If you have an idea, post it in the comments and I might put it in my song. The funniest, most outrageous things will get the most consideration.

Please leave your comments here, and I’m officially signing off until Monday. I need a full 3-day blogging weekend to put as much time into this this as possible!

Thanks guys. You’re the best! Now leave me some comments!

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