If you are looking to replace your old house appliances don’t go further than Sears online store. You may not be a greatest fan of Kenmore but then again the price reduction that is available for this brand can definitely change your mind. With sears promo code 20 off, you’ll be able to save over 30% on everything this manufacturer has to offer, in some cases you’ll be able to find even better offers – the only question left is how much are you ready to save.

In-Kitchen Savings

If you are looking for a new fridge an average price drop for side by side models is over 200 dollars, same thing is for those models with freezer on the bottom, while average savings with models that have freezer on top is somewhere around a 100 bucks. If you prefer to get yourself a brand new wall oven consider a price reduction of at least 300 dollars, some models which you couldn’t get in under $3000 are now down to half price. Microwaves have a decent price drop as well. Cheaper models are 20 dollars cheaper while you have an opportunity to save over a 100 on newer models. For a brand new dishwasher you’ll need around a $100 less than before with a Sears promo code.

In-Bathroom Savings

If your old washer is ready to be replaced with Kenmore model you’ll be able to get one from $650 and save over 200 dollars in the process. There are other models which don’t have this kind of drastic price drop but the one that has the highest price is still under $900 which isn’t much compared with other brands. If you would like a washer/dryer bundle you can get one for only $800 and save up to $500 here alone. For dryers alone you will be left with at least 250 buck more in your pocket, some models are tagged with over 350 price reduction but it all comes down to what exactly can fit your available space and of course spending budget.

Savings with Other Appliances

Kenmore isn’t the only brand that has constant Sears discounts here. But at this moment this manufacturer has the best offers you can find, with a Sears promo codes you are guaranteed at least 30% off and free home delivery. You are welcome to compare other brands and their models but coupons that are attached to those have lower savings potential and require you to spend a decent amount of money in order to have shipping for free and anything you buy will still be over the price tag you can have with Kenmore.

From all examples above it’s obvious that you can completely replace almost all your appliances without spending a whole bunch of money, if my math is correct if you can purchase two products while the third one can be considered a gift for choosing a Sears coupons and their promotion of Kenmore appliances. Situation with other brands isn’t this good, but you should still be able to get a model from other manufacturer with a decent discount.

Getting older appliances checked for repairs is also another strategy to make them work for a few more months or may be years. It is always wise to get them checked by a local expert, like appliance repair Plano, before throwing out.

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