Some young adults have a mindset that they can’t have fun if they aren’t spending money. A lot of people my age spend their free time going out to restaurants and bars, going to expensive concerts or sporting events, golfing, or any number of other expensive activities. Sometimes you can feel left out if you don’t have the money to do all the costly things your friends are doing.

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The best way I’ve found to avoid being “lame” is to find a cheap or free hobby, and get your friends involved. I was out playing sand volleyball for three hours last night, and it didn’t cost me a penny. It was a great way to have some fun and realize how horrible I am at volleyball. Seriously, my high school coach would have been ashamed. Sorry Coach Nelson.

7 Ways to Have Fun Without Spending Money

Here are seven ways that I have fun by spending very little or no money. Some of these things cost a little bit of money up front, but they are all free or very cheap after a small investment.

Play Sand Volleyball ($55 for a nice ball that lasts 1-3 years, free courts)

I played last night and it was fun and embarrassing at the same time. Most cities have leagues, which can be fun if you’re willing to pay a little more. It costs $40 a person for a six week league near me, which is worth it if you have some spare cash and some friends who all want to play.

Watch Glee, or some other TV show, with friends ($40 for an antenna, free over the air TV forever)

My girlfriend Tag came over last night and we watched Glee, as we do most weeks. (after a super annoying 30 minute delay because the weather dudes took over the Fox station for a half hour) Before I watched Glee, I used to watch Lost with a good buddy of mine. I didn’t really love Lost, but it was a great excuse to plan a weekly hangout with my friend.

Take Dance Lessons (Free at certain places, and if you go early enough for the lessons you usually avoid the cover charge)

There are a lot of places that will give basic dance lessons free. It’s their way to get people into the dance hall/bar early in the evening. Grab your girl and learn to dance, or better yet, go by yourself and hope you get paired up with another hot single person.

Do Community Service (Free)

If you can find a good charity, then volunteer with them and encourage your friends to join. It will be fun and you’ll feel great that you’re helping your community. The trick is finding a good charity. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work over the past few years, and many times I felt like they weren’t organized enough to make it worth my time. If you are lucky enough to find a great charity, run with it. Plus if you’re single, it’s a great place to meet good people.

Be a Designated Driver (A few gallons of gas)

I don’t drink, so whenever I go out I’m the DD. My friends love it because they know they have a ride home, and I love not spending up to $50 on drinks and tips. I just hang out and watch all my friends spend $50 on a bad headache tomorrow morning. Plus it is nice to know that you’re friends are going to have a safe ride home.

Create Something (Pay for supplies)

Our culture is one of consumption. We go to restaurants for delicious food. We read other people’s writing in books and on the internet. We sit in front of a TV at night and watch actors, dancers and musicians do what they do best. Some people even watch other people work on their house or do yard work. Instead of consuming entertainment, create entertainment. Make your own food, start a blog and write a website, or learn to dance or sing. There’s nothing wrong with being entertained by others creativity, but wouldn’t it be nice if sometimes you can be entertained by your own creativity?

Read Thousandaire (Absolutely Free)

Here’s a shameless plug. I took my own advice and created something, and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve got articles, music videos, other cool videos, and none of it is boring. Also, it’s all free. I also have a brand new newsletter, that I will start sending out this week, so make sure to put your email in the top right and sign up for it. It’s gonna be like all the stuff on the website, but better!

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