Today is Independence Day. 235 years ago, The United States of America declared independence from Great Brittan. Today, America is the greatest country in the world (sorry my Canadian friends, it’s true).

The founding fathers of America were really an incredible group of individuals. Instead of grasping for as much power as they could attain, they created a government that empowers individuals and states to decide what is best for them. They laid the foundation for a free market, capitalist society that protected the free world in the 20th century and is leading the world as we proceed deeper into the 21st century.

If you listen to the media, they will try to tell you that America is no longer the world’s superpower. That’s a bunch of bullshitake.

Our GDP almost three times bigger than the next largest economy. In fact, America alone has a larger economy than the next four biggest economies combined. We aren’t just the most important and powerful country in the world; it isn’t even close.

Sometimes when I get really excited, I just scream, “AMERICA!”

George Washington Mt. Rushmore

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I am incredibly lucky to be a citizen of this fine country. I’ll be spending my 4th reading up on our founding fathers and getting to know them a little better. When we encounter a period of economic and political turmoil such as today, I think our first reaction should be to look back at the founding fathers and try to understand what they would do.

If you are feeling as patriotic as I am, then you may want pick up Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founding Fathers Different. It’s a phenomenal book that helps you understand the world of the late 1700’s and gives you an even greater appreciation for what those men accomplished. I highly recommend it, especially for some 4th of July reading by the pool.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and God Bless America.

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