Last month I heard that the state of Missouri paid someone $6.1 million because that person was entitled to unclaimed property. Are you freaking kidding me?!

I lived in Missouri for 22 years. I want a piece of this Missouri free money unclaimed property action!

I did a little research and found this website where you can choose any state you’ve lived in and it provides the website where you can check if there is any unclaimed property waiting for you.

Check if You Have Unclaimed Property

Since I currently live in Texas I started my search there. Unfortunately I came up empty. That’s okay though because I still had that gold mine of a state (Missouri) sitting in my back pocket. I had a feeling there was a huge pile of money waiting for me there. And I was right!

Well, maybe not a huge pile. I only got $17.79.

unclaimed property check

But hey, that’s $17.19 that I didn’t have before. It gives me enough money to buy a cheap case for my new toy. I freaking love technology.

After deciding what I’m going to do with my 17 bucks, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if How many of my friends and family have money waiting for them?

Check if Your Friends Have Unclaimed Property

The state websites I used (Missouri and Texas) make it really easy to search by name. You don’t need any confidential information to find stuff (although you obviously need that info to claim it). This makes it really easy to search for your friends and family. I did a few searches and here’s what I found:

  • My step-dad had $0.96.
  • My grandma had over $100.
  • My aunt and uncle had over $50.
  • My uncle’s sister-in-law had over $60.
  • My girlfriend’s mom had $0.90.
  • My girlfriend’s dad had $20.
  • One coworker had $20.
  • Another coworker had $105.36

In the state of Missouri, the exact amounts are not shown on the website, which is why I wasn’t able to figure out the exact total. But if you combine my $17 with everything else I found, it comes to over $374. That’s a lot of money that I would much rather my friends have then state governments.

Honestly, I probably found something for about 40-50% of the people I searched. There is so much unclaimed money floating around it’s insane.

In general I found the people who are most likely to have something are typically older people who have been financially independent for a while. Lots of unclaimed property is money owed to you by an old employer or utility provider.

Check for Unclaimed Property NOW!!!

If you haven’t checked for unclaimed property, do it now and then leave a comment letting me know what you found. Just go to this website, click your state and do a search. I found over $300 by myself. Let’s see how much money Thousandaire readers can find. I bet it’s over $1,000!

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