Whether you are a homeowner or own a company, you might need a construction project completed at some point. You will usually enter into a contract prior to the start of construction. You’ll also want the job done correctly and won’t want any payment disputes. This is why you may need legal help. An attorney will be able to review a contract before you sign it, explain it to you, and tell you if there is a discrepancy. If you aren’t satisfied with the work done or if there are payment issues, an attorney can help you sue or represent you in court.


Contracts are legally binding documents. Construction is a service, and therefore, will be governed under your state’s common law, which is pretty similar in each state when it comes to contracts. You might not understand all of the legal language used in contracts and you won’t know if something written in the contract is not what you thought you were in agreeance with. A law firm has the expertise and legal background to understand a contract and alert you if any provisions are unfair, shouldn’t be there, or missing.

Unsatisfactory Work

Once a construction job is complete, you will understandably want and expect the work to be done in the way you envisioned and asked for. You’ll want everything on point and in working order. One of the last things you’ll want is to be forced to hire another company for appliance repair in Buffalo NY for work that you paid to be completed the right way in the first place. Luckily, if something is not up to standards, you will be able to sue the construction company to reimburse you for their mistakes. An attorney will be able to help you throughout this process and make sure you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for someone else’s mistake.

Payment Disputes

Payment disputes can arise under circumstances such as a poorly drafted contract (which could have possibly been avoided if the contract was reviewed by an attorney in the first place). Moreover, a construction company could try saying that they can’t complete the job unless you pay more than you agreed to, forcing you to either have a half-completed construction job or paying more than you were expecting. If you can’t negotiate with the construction company yourself about what you had agreed to with them, you might need an attorney to help you sue the construction company for what’s right and fair.


Construction usually requires using power tools and sometimes heavy machinery. Accidents are prone to happen, which is why not everyone can or should complete construction work. What happens if someone is injured on your property and the person you hired sues you? This is when you need a Framingham construction accident attorney to determine whether a lawsuit has any merits and to represent you, if need be. A lawsuit can be very draining and time-consuming. Losing a lawsuit can be very expensive. It is highly recommended to have an attorney represent you and stay on top of things if you are ever sued.

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