If you have a smartphone or tablet then you have the ability to play games any time you want. There are a bunch of games that cost anywhere from $0.99 to $10. But why pay for games when you have so many options for free!?

Here are a few of the best free android games right now, so these can help you pass the time without costing you any money.

Candy Crush Saga

If you haven’t played Candy Crush Saga, you might want to keep it that way because the game is so addicting. The basic premise of the game is to put three candies in a row so they disappear, but it gets more complicated as the game moves on. This is a completely free game but they will try to get you to pay for upgrades. Some levels are intentionally frustrating so you think you need to pay for extra stuff, but with enough patience you can beat the game without paying a dime.

Casino Games

Do you have a trip to Vegas coming up soon. If so, you might want to start practicing your skills with a mobile blackjack or craps game. It’s a great way to learn card and table games without actually spending any money. You can even get a real casino on your mobile phone in some countries, but remember that you’d risking real money in that situation.


Tetris is one of the best puzzle games ever made, and there is a new Tetris app that is a lot of fun to play. There’s nothing better than getting caught up in a jam and then getting just the right piece and clearing all your rows. Tetris takes just enough brain power to capture your attention, but is easy enough to be fun!

Classic Board and Card Games

Even though mobile phones have fancy colors and touch screens, sometimes it’s fun to play good old board or card games. Games like solitare, backgammon, farkle, or other common games can be found free in the Google Play store, and will help you to fine tune your board game skills before your next family vacation.

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