If you missed it yesterday, I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift card (for Amazon the website, not the jungle). If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to check it out because WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE STUFF!?!?

I do kinda feel bad about not being able to give everyone a prize though. Hopefully down the road if my blog grows enough, I can get some sponsors to hook my readers up with a few more prizes. Until then, you’re stuff with whatever money I can scrounge out of my piggy bank.

Since I can’t give everyone something, I’m hoping maybe some of my blogger friends can pick up my slack. There are a few other opportunities in the personal finance blog community to win stuff. Some of the prizes are small gift cards, and one of them is a free iPad!

Seriously. You can win an iPad. I would usually joke about something like this, so I understand your skepticism, but this is fo’ realz yo! So I hope you find some of these contests and websites interesting, and I really hope you win!

Warren Buffett with Kevin McKee

Seriously. We're friends. I call him WB, like that really bad TV station that used to show Buffy.

A Free iPad or Other Cool Stuff @ Buy Like Buffett

Not only is this the most ridiculous giveaway I’ve ever seen on a moderately sized blog, but this guy buys like Buffett. Do you think he’s jealous that I’m such good friends with Warren Buffett? I don’t understand why people don’t believe me; I have the picture for proof! Anyway, if you’re into investing, this is a great site to add to your RSS feed.

Read his Drivel, Win a Kindle @ Realized Returns

What’s almost as cool as an iPad? That’s right, a Kindle. I’ve realized that I might need to step up my prizes game if I’m gonna compete with these high rollers. You can get a Kindle or a $139 Amazon Gift Card by entering this contest, and when you’re done entering you can read posts like this one about SEX!

$50 Visa Gift Card @ ohcrapimbroke

This site is actually new to me so I’ll have to check out some other posts, but you can win $50 if you post a review of your favorite personal finance book. Then there are going to be celebrity judges (either the ones from American Idol or other bloggers, I can’t remember) and they’ll pick the best review.

H&R Block at Home Tax Software @ Sweating the Big Stuff

If you don’t want to pay to have your taxes done, check out Daniel’s contest to win one of six free copies of HR Block tax software. He’s giving away like $300 worth of stuff there! Even though he gets more people to agree with him in our debates, he’s still a good guy.

Don’t forget to enter my contest, and give a few of these a shot as well to maximize your chances of winning something. Have a great weekend folks!

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