Happy Halloween to all the beautiful Thousandaire readers! Today is the day to get dressed up in an embarrassing costume, sing and dance, and then put a video of all that embarrassing crap on Youtube!

Wait, that doesn’t sound like Halloween… Maybe that’s because it’s not just Halloween, it’s also Thousandaire Music Video Day!!!!

As promised, I am posting my monthly music video today. However, I didn’t promise anything about a blog post to go along with it. And given the fact that this video didn’t finish uploading until 1:07 am and I have to work in a few hours, I will just leave you with the video (a sneak peek if you will) AND a sweet picture of the jack-o-lanterns Tag and I carved over the weekend. I’ll let you guess which one is mine and which is Tag’s.

Come back tomorrow for a full post about my newest music video, why I wrote it, and of course a free MP3 download of the song!

Thousandaire Jack-O-Lantern

Happy Halloween!

ย And Now My Newest Music Video (Sneak Peek)

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