When I was a child growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, anyone could play with fireworks. Small children could go to a local corner store and buy small packets of firecrackers, with short fuses mind you, for 50 cents or a dollar. It was a common sight to see small children lighting firecrackers with matches or lighters and then throwing them in innocent glee, waiting for the explosive bang.

Well, the good old days couldn’t last forever. Most American states began banning and/or severely restricting the sales of consumer fireworks in the late 1990s. Delaware and Massachusetts have strict bans on consumer fireworks. Most states restrict the kind of fireworks you can buy. In some states, you can buy 500-gram firecrackers. Some will only allow you to own sparklers.

Americans spend over $1 billion on fireworks products every year. So, if you live in a state that allows the sale of consumer fireworks, here are some online fireworks retailers to check out.

Phantom Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks, based in Youngstown, Ohio, has been in the consumer fireworks business since the early 1970s. The founder, Bruce J. Zoldan, was a former salesman who began selling sparkler fireworks to his customer. In the four decades since, Phantom Fireworks have reportedly become the number one retailer of fireworks for consumer use in the United States.

Phantom Fireworks has retail locations and fireworks showrooms in over 16 states. The company operates over 1,500 temporary retail venues in 17 states. Additionally, Phantom Fireworks also acts as a fireworks wholesaler to multiple national retail businesses in 47 states. Representatives from Phantom Fireworks visit China, their main supplier, multiple times a year to brainstorm new products and to oversee quality control standards.

This company sells every kind of firework, from sparklers, rockets, and mortar kits to 500-gram fireworks. Phantom Firework also works with fireworks safety and regulation related agencies to develop safer fireworks use initiatives.

Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks has been in business for over 65 years in the United States. The company, which originated in China, opened up a subsidiary in the 1940s under the name Li & Fung. Li & Fung launched the Black Cat Fireworks brand in 1940 and trademarked the brand in 1952. Black Cat is the oldest consumer fireworks brand in the United States.

You can find every kind of firework at Black Cat. The company sells everything from handheld sparklers, Roman Candles, Butterfly Rockets, Clustering Bee Rockets, 500-gram aerial fireworks and more.

Red Apple Fireworks

Red Apple Fireworks is a large-scale fireworks retailer that is headquartered in Pahrump, Nevada. The company also has 27 retail locations in 11 other states including: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and West Virginia. The company is so proprietarily confident of their products that they offer their customers a 100% “No Duds,” guarantee.

Red Apple Fireworks stocks the newest in fireworks products. You can even preorder your favorite fireworks. The company sells everything from sparklers to barrel bombs and much more.

Responsible Fireworks Use

Make sure that consumer fireworks use is legal where you live. About 8,400 people are injured by fireworks every July during 4th of July celebrations. Over 53% of people injured by fireworks are severely burned. Its not the late 20th century anymore, so don’t let small children play with fireworks and always enjoy them responsibly.

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