I’m starting to notice a theme in my blog. First I talk about how a grilled cheese sandwich can grant wishes. Then I post about my unnatural love affair with provel cheese. And here I am, talking about food again! I love food, but I love my Mom too and I haven’t even posted about her once. (sorry Mom, love you) I really need to get this food thing in check. Tomorrow!

Because today I want to tell you a story about me and a little thing I like to call “overpriced food that’s not even very good and usually has disgusting vegetables in it but my friends like it because it’s from another country.

So Many Vegetables

To me, this looks like nine different types of vomit.

On Monday, I still had some friends in town from the wedding I wrote about on Monday, and I wanted to meet up with them for lunch. My friends are weird because they like vegetables. Who does that? Anyway, they wanted to meet for lunch at a place called Blue Ginger. I don’t even know what country the food is from, but I do know it’s not American burgers and fries or pizza so I’m not really interested. I also know that a meal there is going to cost around $10-15 when I’ll certainly enjoy a $4 value meal better. I was in a pickle. Not literally inside a pickle; but I had a problem that needed to be fixed.

I wanted to have lunch with my friends, but I didn’t want to spend $15 on food that I don’t even really like.

My solution: I left about 20 minutes early for lunch, went to Wendy’s and smashed a Chicken Deluxe Value Meal (the one for $2.99) and then sped off to Blue Ginger to sit with my friends and socialize, but not actually partake in the eating or paying of the vegetable laced lunches.

I sat there at the restaurant and politely declined a water or a menu from the waiter and she happily ignored me for the rest of the afternoon. I had a great time with my friends, and when lunch was over we all went on our merry way. As I was leaving, I saw a bowl of candy and mints at the front of the restaurant and I almost grabbed one, but then I remembered I hadn’t given them any money, so I was a good boy and didn’t take a piece.

Then I started thinking: Was I wrong to go sit in that restaurant and not buy anything? The restaurant was pretty crowded, but I didn’t notice any people waiting for seats when I walked in. There is, however, a chance that I was taking up a seat that could have otherwise been occupied by a paying customer. (All the tables are two-seaters, so our group had four of them pushed together. I was the 7th person , and thus the reason for the fourth table).

What do you think? I’m really interested in your opinion because this is certain to come up again based on my elementary school child-like tastebuds. Should I either suck it up and buy a $12 lunch I won’t enjoy or pass on lunch entirely, or is it alright to show up as long as my presence isn’t getting in the way of other paying customers?

P.S. I was the seventh wheel at this lunch (3 couples and then me). Check out my HILARIOUS submission to the Stick Figure Blog about extra “wheels”.

*This post was featured in the Carnival of Money Stories #76

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