Hey Thousandaires, I need your help!

Now that you know all about my past with “Kevin McKee…” week, I wanna tell you a little bit about my future.

If I’m going to change the world, I don’t just have to be entertaining; I have to entertain a lot of people. My long term goal is to change the world, but my short term goal is to reach as many people as possible and build a foundation of loyal Thousandaires who love funny posts, making good financial decisions, and chipmunk singing.

Here are the eight goals I hope to meet by the end of 2010:

  1. Alexa Ranking (web traffic ranking) of better than 200,000
  2. No less than 100 unique visitors on any day in December
  3. At least 300 Feedburner Subscribers (you can subscribe here or use Google Reader and subscribe there)
  4. At least 5,000 unique visits in December
  5. At least 1,500 views on the best music video ever: Haven’t Made a Budget
  6. At least 5,000 total Youtube upload views
  7. At least one post with 40 comments
  8. Top 200 in the Money Crashers Rankings

Now these are all pretty lofty goals, and the only way I can achieve any of them is if my current readers keep reading and they also start telling their friends.

I want this site to be so entertaining; so knee-slappingly hilarious; so MINDBLOWINGLY PHENOMENAL that you can’t help but tell your friends about it. And I want to make sure you are completely aware that I am here to entertain you no matter what.

To prove how much I care about my readers and how far I’m willing to go to entertain them, I’m ready to make a deal. To all my sexy Thousandaires, I’m going to let you decide how I should entertain everyone. The first five people to comment on this post will tell me what to do over the next two weeks, and they will get exactly what they want.

You could say “If you had $50,000 and were required to put it in the stock market, what would you buy?” or “I want to see a video blog where you talk like a pirate and discuss the pros and cons of leasing a car,” or “Write and perform a song about my friend who spends all his money and then complains about being broke.”

I'm taking requests

Get on the phone (or in the comments), I'm like a DJ taking requests for a limited time

I’ll do whatever you want as long as the request is reasonable. For example:

  • I morally approve of it – basically “would I be comfortable showing my mom?” she does actually read this blog so she will see it.
  • I can do it in my apartment – I’m not coming to your house. Sorry.
  • It won’t cost me any money – no “Buy me a TV and have it shipped to me and then blog about how much that sucked”
  • It can be completed in less than a few hours – no “Read Moby Dick and then write a blog essay about how the symbolism of how the whale relates to compound interest”
  • It has at least something to do with personal finance – no “Write a love song that I can sing to my girlfriend and make sure you mention her blue eyes”

Now here’s the other catch. I will make you a customized blog/vlog/song/whatever, but in return I ask that you help me promote my site. If you submit a comment for a customized post, please be willing to do all of the following:

  • Subscribe to my feed (if you haven’t already)
  • If you have a blog/facebook/twitter/large address book full of email addresses, I ask that you direct your readers and/or friends to whichever Thousandaire post you like best. It can be whatever post you like best, but if you want to be super awesome you could help me get to 1,500 views on Haven’t Made a Budget by directing them to that one.
  • Over the next two weeks when I publish your customized post, I will let you know. Come check it out and (as long as it doesn’t suck) tell all your readers/friends from step one to come see that one too.

So there you have it folks. I willing to do whatever it takes to entertain my readers! Make sure you post your comment soon because I’m only taking the top five. In fact, you might already be too late. Hurry!

P.S. If you don’t make it in the first five comments, you can still post your idea. If it’s a sick-nasty-golden-awesome idea, I’ll probably do it as well.

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