I’m sure there are a bunch of you out there thinking “I love Kevin’s music videos and his sense of humor so much, I wish I could see him live!”

Okay, maybe my mom is the only person actually thinking that, but I’m still excited to announce that I will be hosting the 2012 Plutus Awards (personal finance blogging awards) at the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver this year.

I’m the “Master of Ceremonies”

According to the Plutus Awards site, I’m the “Master of Ceremonies”. I just learned that MC is short for Master of Ceremonies (who knew?). Why the heck would anyone want to shorten “Master of Ceremonies”? I LOVE IT!!! I don’t get to be the master of much now that I live with my girlfriend, so at least I get to be the master of something!

Maybe to make things interesting I’ll take a cue from this obviously talented MC:


photo credit: pretendtious

Or… maybe I’ll just wear a suit. Perhaps a tux if it’s in the budget. This guy scares me.

I do want to give credit to lots of bloggers who are coming together to make this event happen. We are all trying to make sure that this awards ceremony is fun, exciting, engaging, and doesn’t take too long.

And after all that work is done, I’m gonna be the one up on stage trying to pull everything together, which should be a piece of cake. As you can see from the announcement I’m highly qualified to host the awards ceremony:

Kevin is an accomplished performer and host, having landed the lead role in his first grade Halloween play “The Pumpkin Patch Kids” and most recently hosting Kevin McKee’s College Graduation Extravaganza.

My mom has the video tape of that 1st grade play somewhere. I bet there’s a good chance I end up picking my nose at some point during the performance. If she ever finds it I’ll upload it to Youtube and we can all have some great laughs over it.

I’m Taking Requests

I want this event to be awesome. I want it to be fun and entertaining, and mostly I want to make sure we are honoring all the great work that has been done in the personal finance community over the last year.

If you are going to be at FINCON12 and have any suggestions of what you’d like to see at the Plutus Awards, please leave your ideas in the comments. The only definite rule I have so far is that we need to keep the award ceremony to 1 hour or less (hopefully less so people don’t fall asleep). Let me know what you want me to do as the MC, and give any other ideas that you think would be completely awesome!

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