Is Credit Sesame Safe-Have you ever watched one of those commercials about checking your credit? One person is constantly checking and the other doesn’t see the reason to check your credit. Though yes the vast majority don’t know what their credit score is, they know that it’s important.

With so many ways to check it though which one is right for you? And, more importantly, how do you know your information will be safe?

Credit Sesame boasts helping with your credit, but is Credit Sesame Safe?

Is Credit Sesame Safe?

Put simply, yes Credit sesame is safe.

First, Credit Sesame asks for only the last 4 of your social, your name, date of birth, and address. After that they have YOU confirm information to make sure you are who you say you are.

Second, though your information is safe, that doesn’t mean they can’t share your information with other companies. Though they won’t share your information that doesn’t share your personal information. Things like age, state, household income, etc.

So no they won’t give people your email, social, or other information. But they can also sell some information about you.

Why Use Credit Sesame?

Checking on your credit is important, why not use one of if not the best credit monitoring technology? Not only that but it’s free.

If that wasn’t enough they also offer a free $50,000 identity theft insurance which can come in handy if you do lose some money.

What will Credit Sesame Do For Me?

Credit Sesame will keep track of your credit score, but that’s kind of like saying a swiss army knife will cut wood. It’s true but it can also do so much more.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you are given “actions”. For me, the first two were to get new credit cards. One to increase my well over $40,000 credit limit and the second to “reward myself” with miles or points.

The third made more sense, save 4 months of income as an emergency fund. For people trying to get out of debt that is a great idea, actually for everyone. They did give partners to work with, however, it required a $10,000 minimum which was far more than 4 months income for me.

The fourth “action” Credit Sesame gave me was to consolidate debt. Now I don’t have much credit card debt left because I already consolidated, but what I do have could definitely be consolidated further. It would bring my payments down to only 2 with a much better interest rate.

Looking around Credit Sesames site will show your credit score and grade, as well as your credit card utilization. But I think my favorite tool is the “borrowing power”. This takes your income, debt ratio, and credit score to show how much you could increase your credit. It starts with credit cards, then shows personal loans, and finally how much of a mortgage you could get.

With Credit Sesame Your Future Is Bright

Using Credit Sesame to see how well you are already doing, and what you can do to better your financial life can change your life.

Maybe you finally get out of debt, or you save up and get that little house you’ve always wanted? Whatever the case you’ll be better off using and knowing that Credit Sesame is safe.


Disease Called Debt
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