According to LinkedIn professional survey of 2013, experts from content marketing and mobile development industries were in the biggest demand in 2013. So which industries will be the most active in hiring in the coming year?

To answer this question, it would be relevant to narrow down search criteria, focusing on local markets rather than on a global one. The situation in Pennsylvania, for instance, is quite different as most hired professionals are healthcare specialists and trade/service assistants. Additional information about job searches in Pennsylvania can be found at

Currently nurses are in the biggest demand. The Pennsylvania job market also lacks office workers and retail/service specialists. The demand for social media, programming and design experts is significantly lower; yet rapid technological development is still influencing the market. This means that IT-experts will be unlikely to find themselves out of work any time soon.

Oracle, .net, SQL, Android and iOS experts are in the biggest demand. C++, Java and other desktop developers are going to be much less popular in 2014, which is not surprising considering that mobile devices play a very important role in our everyday life.

Apart from medical, service, and software engineering sectors, the Pennsylvanian job market is in need of financial experts including accountants, financial analysts, and banking consultants. Overall the job situation for white-collar workers is very promising. 2014 has only begun, yet already plenty of large and mid-size companies are actively looking for a wide range of cubicle dwellers.

The overall situation for an average job seeker in Pennsylvania seems to be quite favorable. Those who are still out of work may want to reconsider their job seeking approach. One way to improve the chances of finding a job is to be more active with online listings. Plenty of sites, including, offer amazing career opportunities. This site shows you a long list of open vacancies in the US. Simply choose your state, city, and industry, and you are ready to get started. The site has a nice user interface, it is easy to navigate, and it offers e-mail subscription for the most determined candidates.

No matter how long you’ve been looking for a job, increasing your online presence could be what it takes to find your next career.

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