Did you know that almost 120 people will apply for the same job as you when you go to a job interview?

Over 47% of people are rejected at job interviews because they know nothing about the potential job or employer and it shows during the interview.

And 92% of potential employers will check all of your social media accounts before offering a job interview.

The point of all these statistics is to stress that the system is rigged against you when you apply for work. So, take advantage of every trick, tip, and hack you can use.

Here are two new job interview hacks for you to consider.

Intuit Common Interests

Your main objective in a job interview is to leave the best favorable impression possible upon your interviewers. You want to stand out and be memorable relative to the other candidates.

Call or email ahead and make inquiries about your interviewers. Find out their names or the department or office in charge of interviewing new job applicants.

Then look up their official bios on the website of the employer you are interviewing for. And then look up their Facebook or Linkedin profiles as well.

Whatever you do, don’t send friend requests or messages. At least you will look like a suck-up or panderer; at worst you will look like an online stalker. And neither scenario will leave a good impression on your future interviewer.

What you need to do here is to research their interest, hobbies, experience, and work achievements and see if any of those data points align with your own life.

The hard part here is that you need to hold this information close to the vest and then use it to your advantage. REMEMBER – you are NOT to reveal that you checked out your interviewer’s online bios. 

You are to wait for opportune moments in the interview to mention your own hobbies, achievements, or sports team favorites, data points that you align with the interests of your interviewer.

Wait for introductory small talk or chit-chat in between questions or for when you are asked about your hobbies to reveal this information.

Over 85% of people get a job through a friend, relative, or via networking. Over 70% of jobs are never publicly advertised, they are filled via networking.

So, no, this hack won’t make the interviewing believe they know you. But making a distinct personable impression is basically spontaneous networking – it can only help.

Focus on Your Speech and Intonations

Have you ever found yourself speaking in a monotone or disinterested tone of voice with family or friends? And then they react accordingly, accusing you of being “elsewhere” instead of being in the moment? 

You may not even realize it or have situational awareness of how others perceive you.

Record your voice on your phone. Record yourself speaking with friends. Or make a video of yourself making a speech.

Over 93% of human communication is nonverbal. The tone of your voice, cadence, and intonations, along with your mannerisms, talk more for you than the actual words you express.

Use clear diction when you speak. Speak in complete sentences. And add the appropriate amount of enthusiasm to your intonation when speaking to your interviewer.

Add a dramatic pause here and there before speaking. Don’t use this technique with every question – don’t overdo it. 

But a slight dramatic pause before two or three questions gives off the impression that what you say will have weight. It will also create anticipation for what you have to say.

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