Do You Really Want To Work Overtime?

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Work overtime and you quickly discover it’s a mixed bag: You earn time-and-a-half or more, but it usually means you’re putting in more time or otherwise inconveniencing yourself, which puts you at risk of burning out.  

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Reward Boost is Here!

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I've been talking about my new project for a long time. It's finally time that I share my project with all the awesome Thousandaire readers. Me and a partner (long time readers know him as The Hoff) have created a site called Reward Boost dedicated to helping people maximize their credit card and loyalty program rewards. The great news is

I Got a Promotion!!!

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A few weeks ago I talked about how a weak economy like the one we're in now should make you re-evaluate your current job and determine if there is a different place in the company that would make you more valuable (and hence, less expendable). Taking my own advice, I decided to start looking for jobs that would move me

Invest in Used Washers and Dryers, Get Rich

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I recently moved into a new apartment that has a washer and dryer included in the place. I obviously didn't need my old washer and dryer and I had nowhere to store them, so it was time for me to sell the set. I thought about using Craigslist, which is where I bought the set for $85 back in 2008.

10 Reasons You Should Have a Side Business

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If I could pick one single thing I've done in the last four years to improve my life, it would be taking Tag out on our first date. If I could pick a second thing, it would be starting this blog. I mainly consider this blog a hobby, but it has turned into a side business as well over the

You Can Earn Money Off Your Hobby

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While the rest of the world was out partying and hanging out with friends last Friday night, I was building a wordpress website. Sounds pretty lame right? Well maybe it sounds less boring when I mention that I was getting paid very well to do it. Thanks to all the Wordpress and web development experience I have gotten from running