Everything You Should Know About Biblically Responsible Investing

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You need a lot of money to invest in the real estate market. If you wanted to invest as a part of an investment pool, it might cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000. And, those are just conservative estimates. If you wanted to invest in multiple unit properties, luxury properties, or expansive real estate properties, you would need more

First Time Investor? Here’s Some Stress Relieving Advice

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There is a saying that bad investment decisions are akin to a tax on intelligent people who commit stupid actions with their money. Also, strategic investing become more prohibitively expensive as we age. If you wait until you are in your mid-40s to begin investing, you will have to save over three times as much money than you would have

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Investing In Marijuana Could Be a Real Buzzkill

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Although still illegal on the federal level, marijuana has become decriminalized on the city and municipal level in many areas. The advent of the entrepreneurial marijuana industry is a testament to this fact. About 31 American states and counting have legalized marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use. The legal marijuana industry is set to make about $14 billion in profits in

Use This 3×5 Card to Advance Your Financial Life

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How much information do you think you would need to change your financial life? How many classes would you need to take? Or how many counseling sessions would you need to have before you felt you could handle your personal finances? As a previous financial advisor, I met more than my fair share of clients that could have used hours and hours of my time and never really got their finances in order. So maybe simple is better. So let’s use this 3×5 card to advance your financial life.  The card was written by University of Chicago Professor Harold Pollack who basically says that the best personal finance advice is simple and available for free at your local library.

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Logical Fallacies of Many Stock Market Investors

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Last week I wrote about how amateur stock picks and even random stock picks have outperformed expert stock picks since January 2012. It is one of the reasons I don't trust the stock market. I realize this is not a popular opinion. Talk to any financial advisor or even your parents or grand parents, and they will tell you that

One Good Reason I’m Not Investing in the Stock Market

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I used to love the stock market. I loved to research companies and pick new stocks to invest in. I created an entire ETF portfolio for my fiancee's Roth IRA. I even did some very risky options trading. I don't do any of that now. My fiancee and I both cashed out our Roth IRAs for the purchase of our