How to Interview When You Don’t Have Experience

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  It's an old paradoxical adage that is also a rite of passage obstacle for young aspiring professionals - you can't get a job without work experience. But the only way to get the necessary work experience is to get a job. Whether you are applying for a part-time job, summer job, internship, or post-graduation job, most young people don't

Always Follow Up an Application with a Phone Call

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In the last few weeks my fiancee Tag has started looking to start up her career again. She spent a few years working to get into nursing school, and then one semester in the program before realizing it wasn't for her. She's looking to re-enter the job market and sent out her first application last week. She found a job

You Can Earn Money Off Your Hobby

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While the rest of the world was out partying and hanging out with friends last Friday night, I was building a wordpress website. Sounds pretty lame right? Well maybe it sounds less boring when I mention that I was getting paid very well to do it. Thanks to all the Wordpress and web development experience I have gotten from running

What’s the Best Job You’ve Ever Had?

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I have one very simple question, and I hope each one of you decides to answer it in the comments. The question: What is the best job you've ever had? I want to clarify the question. I'm not asking about the best position you've ever had. I think most positions have many aspects, including things people hate, things people tolerate,

Why I Wouldn’t Hire a Long Term Unemployed Person

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I got an email from a perturbed reader. Actually he wasn't a reader of Thousandaire, just a reader of one of the sites I comment on. This was an interesting email, so I want to share it, as well as my response, with all of you. In fact, I've been getting more and more reader emails recently, and I usually

What To Do When You Hate Your Job

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Last night I was getting ready to start my Monday blog and I got caught up tweeting a friend of mine who had left a deliciously inviting tweet in cyberspace for a personal finance blogger. Ivanka Trump: anyone out there hiring?! This is not the famous Ivanka Trump, but a personal friend of mine who tweets anonymously. She's not a