How to Interview When You Don’t Have Experience

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Sometimes you need a job, but you don't have any experience. For young people, this is almost certainly the case. Whether you are applying for a part time job, summer job, internship, or your first job after graduation, most young people don't have work experience in the field where they want to work. A lot of people feel like they

High School Kids Should Have Jobs

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When I have the pleasure of talking to young people (in high school or college) about money, many of them have never earned a dollar in their lives. Some parents don't allow their kids to work during school. These parents say they want their kids to focus on their schoolwork and extracurricular activities (if they have them). I would never

How To Know if Your Job is Expendable

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Last week Daniel Packer and I had a little debate about emergency funds where Daniel said you should have one in cash and I said you should invest and mitigate risk other ways. One of the ways I suggested to reduce the need for an emergency fund is to be a rockstar at work, and a few people didn't take