How to Turn in a Leased Car

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how terrible it was preparing my car to be turned in at the end of a lease, and how I hated having to wait and find out if they are going to charge me for damages that were above and beyond "normal wear and tear". I was told that I would hear from

The End of a Car Lease Sucks

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Three years ago I leased a new car and thought it was a pretty darn good idea. I loved the fact that I could just basically "borrow" a car for three years and then give it back without any questions asked. On Monday my lease expired and I turned it in. Many of the benefits I listed in that first

Toyota Dealer Tries to Screw Me

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Today I'm going to tell you a true story about how a big, bad company tried to steal my money and how I told them kiss the part of my body that I sit on. It all started when I decided to get rid of my expensive, stupid 350Z and buy a less expensive vehicle. That is a whole story